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What comes after the sleep sack?

DD sleeps in warm footed PJs at bedtime, so I haven't been using the sleep sack at night, but I've still been using it for naps. I usually take her bottoms off at nap time and just keep her in her shirt and diapers with the sleep sack over that for naps. I figured she would probably be more comfortable like that rather than sleeping in pants or shorts. She's pretty much outgrown her sleep sack now though. I noticed that they sell toddler ones without feet. I wouldn't mind a blanket at this point (pediatrician said it's fine), except that I would have to go back in there after she's fallen asleep to actually put it over her b/c she moves around so much before falling asleep.

What do you all do for nap time? 

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Re: What comes after the sleep sack?

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    For naps, DS sleeps in his clothes (usually a shirt/onesie and knit pants). At night, he's in a footed sleeper or pjs and a sleep sack if it's cool. I was thinking that now that it's almost summer, we'd just ditch the sleep sack and have him in just pjs at night. This fall, not sure. I'd be fine with a blanket on him, but I don't see how that would work since he moves around so much, even after he's asleep. I'll probably get a toddler sleep sack.

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    Half the time she's naked minus a diaper.  Or just in a shirt and diaper.  I really don't worry about her being cold because we keep the house warmer during the day than we do at night.  It doesn't seem to bother her, so it doesn't bother me.

    I think the sitter uses the same philosophy.

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    DD wears a sleep sack at night, and I'm wondering what comes next, too.  For naps, I just put her down in her clothes (she's actually still in her PJ's for her morning nap, though).  I give her a blanket for naps, but she has a ritual of throwing it over the edge of the crib every single time.... and I'm not about to sneak in there to replace it! 

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    DS' sleep sack zipper broke last week, ironically, coinciding with warmer weather. I put a crotched blanket in there with him. Since I don't have a video monitor, I have no idea if it stays on him. But he hasn't woken up so.... I would try giving her a blanket and seeing if she cares!
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    I'm probably going to get large sleep sacks. I just feel like it'll save me the bother of going back in and replacing the blanket that he'll inevitably kick off.
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    milescmilesc member
    A blanket
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    N just sleeps in PJs (night) or his clothes (naps).  We used a sleep sack briefly but he quickly outgrew the ones I had and I never bothered replacing them.  He's fine as is.
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    6240662406 member
    We still use a sleep sack for naps and overnight.  I would be okay with a blaket in her crib, but like you said she moves around so much I don't think it would stay on and keep her warm.  My MIL made my nephew a sleep sack and he turned 2 in April, I think that is a little excessive!!  DH loves to keep it cool in our house at night during the summer so I may have to look for a longer sleep sack, I did find a cotton one at OUAC that was 18 months so hopefully that will get us through the summer.
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    My older girls were in sleep sacks until we converted their cribs to toddler beds at 2.5 years. I liked that they couldn't throw their leg over the edge of the crib with them on! Just something to think about..... :)
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    cvl105cvl105 member
    We just use a blanket. If she crawls out from under it, so be it. We've been using a blanket for some time and have had no issues of her being cold if she's crawled out from under it.
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    We will probably switch to a sleep sack with feet holes in the fall. 

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