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Interesting Pedi Visit and Em's Test Results

First off, it looks like all the tests came back with normal results for the echo and blood work. The pedi said she was glad the echo came back normal though because the EKG showed one abnormality that would have shown up on the echo had it been an actual problem to worry about. So we got the all clear but she still wants us to meet with a cardiologists to get more detailed explanations from him. So, a good report there.

Then there were just a few things the pedi shared with me that surprised me.

First, she asked if Emma had any words and I rattled off a handful that she says and the pedi said she looks for one word by 18 months. I was really surprised by that! Have your pedis said anything similar or different?

Second, we were given the okay to start cow's milk and I asked if it had to be whole milk just to make sure and then was told "they" actually don't stress it being whole milk anymore. But the pedi wants us to use it because Em was in the 10th percentile and she thinks the extra fat would be good for her.

Third, for all you expectant moms out there, I asked if she had any tips for helping prepare Em for the new baby at such a young age and she only had one. She said to make sure we don't make any big changes for Emma once baby comes, so if we're going to move her room or change her bed or something like that, we should do it before baby arrives or a few months after. That way she won't feel like we're pushing her aside for the new one. I was really glad for that advice because we had originally planned to move Emma out of the nursery about 6 weeks after but we'll now be rethinking that.

I feel like there was something else but I can't remember it so I guess that's it!

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Re: Interesting Pedi Visit and Em's Test Results

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    Our pedi didn't say anything about number of words, though one by 18 months seems low...in college and further studies I was under the impression, kiddos should have 5+ words and their clarity should improve by 24 months.  Our pedi did ask if he had any words yet and he rattled examples of (this that mama), which I responded "Maybe?" b/c S says things that sound like words, though I'm not sure they have meaning yet (he says "that", mama, dada, bye) but randomly do they seem associated with actual meaning.  However, the pedi did point out that him pointing and grunting etc. etc., is communication which is what he's most worried about kiddos doing at this point!
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    That's wonderful that all of DD's tests came back normal! I'm sure you are very relieved! Thanks for sharing your pedi's advice, we plan to start trying soon! :)
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    As for the speech, that sounds right on.  I know so many people that have two year olds that still don't speak many if any words, and their pedis are really not concerned because they are still communicating in other ways.  It seems that speech on this board is a huge topic and people freak out if their kid isn't speaking several words by now, but that just isn't the case.  So many times I want to just type "Rellllaaaaxxxxxx".  Lol.
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    I'm so glad the tests looked good! Yay!!

    One word by 18 months sounds like a low expectation, but that could be why it's the minimum your pedi is looking for. 

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    jcsumm0jcsumm0 member
    That is such great news about her test results!!  We haven't had Evie's appt yet, but at her 9 month, her dr said they like to see 3 words by 12 months.  What the heck?  I guess I'm getting all stressed over nothing!
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    I'm very happy for you that the tests came back normal!!  Our pedi said not to be concerned at all yet about Em having words. She does have a couple, but the pedi said they don't look for words until 18 months or so.  She said babies have ways of communicating and we need to learn their way too.

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    Great news about the test results!! I've been wondering about you and your LO.
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