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CPW: Ultrasounds


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Re: CPW: Ultrasounds

  • I'm being monitored by MFM due to pre-e so I have ultrasounds every 4-6 weeks from 18w until birth.  I also had a dating u/s at 7w due to a previous m/c.

    I'll end up having around 5-6 (scheduled) ultrasounds before this baby is born. 


    Carter Robert 7.18.08 | Brynn Sophia 5.24.10 | Reid Joseph 9.10.12 | Emerson Mae 1.27.14

  • skyejoskyejo member
    It's going to depend on how late I go, but could be around 5.  I had one at 6w because of my m/c, the NT scan and the anatomy scan.  If I go late I'll have one or two to check on my fluids. 
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  • cmumamacmumama member
    I chose 4-6 b/c I've already had 4 done and need 1 one more for sure (to monitor a cyst they found during the heart echo I had done last Friday).  I go back in 3 weeks or many more I need after that will be determined at my next u/s.
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  • I've already had 2 (dating us and a/s) and then have one scheduled for next month because at the a/s DSs cord was sitting across my cervix. There is a distinct possibility I will need another one if my weight gain doesn't get back on track.. So ya, a pretty fair amount.
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  • I've had 4. The first 3 were before 11 weeks, just to make sure things were in track, and one was a dating u/s due to miscarriage the month before. I had my a/s at 18 weeks, and won't have anymore, I hope.
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  • I've had three, but if I start measuring small after 37 wks, I will probably have additional to monitor my AF. 
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  • I had one at 8 weeks, 12 weeks, 17 weeks, and 20 weeks so far. I was told that I will get one more late in the third trimester.

    So that's 5 scheduled. If any more are thrown in, they'd be surprises. :)

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  • I've had 4 already.  Dating u/s, NT Scan, A/S and an elective u/s.

    Praying the rest of the pregnancy is as uneventful as it was with DS, we likely won't get any more u/s.

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  • I'm being monitored b/c of my prior pregnancy and pre-e and miscarriages so I go for one every 4 weeks.  At 28 weeks though, that goes to every 3 weeks.  and I had 3 even before I started seeing the peri. 

    So, I'm in the 10+ category. 

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  • I've had 5 so far. I'll definitely have at least 2 more in the next month because we're moving & the new OB & MFM are going to want their own I'm sure. I was told at least 1/month until the end, but I ended up with like 1-2/week for the last month with DS so who knows. I'm not high risk, but DS's pg ended up having complications toward the end so they're following growth more closely now.
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  • I've had 5 and the 6th is scheduled. I don't know what we'll do after that. I have a 2 vessel cord and they'll do more to monitor growth because of that, but I don't know how frequently that will be yet. It's very possible I'll end up in the 10+ group.
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  • I've had 6 already (up to 22 weeks), including viability scans, anatomy scan, and the heart scan. I have my next u/s next week, and every 2 weeks after that till delivery to look at growth and amniotic fluid levels.  I estimate I'll have at least 12 scans total.
  • I am being monitored due to previous pre-e (growth) and placenta previa. I'll go every four weeks for growth, maybe moving to more later in 3rd tri.
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  • I had a dating u/s, fetal echo, a/s, and one with my OB.  I don't think I get any more.  Boo!
  • The dating u/s and a/s were planned. One I had at 15 weeks due to bleeding wasn't. I think I'm done for the rest of my pregnancy.

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  • Manx4Manx4 member
    My A/S was #3 - I may get one more because they want to keep an eye on his size but that would be it.
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  • PokedotPokedot member
    I've had 3 thus far so I'm not sure about later in pregnancy. One at 6 weeks, 6 days to make sure everything looked good. I had some minor bleeding. They checked me again at 7 weeks 3 days to make sure the heart had started, which it did and then we had our a/s at 21 weeks 1 day! I'd love more don't get me wrong but for all the happy reasons! Its amazing seeing baby on the screen!



  • 2 and only 2 unless I pay for more. My dating u/s at 9 weeks and my A/S at 20 weeks.

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  • I have had 3 so far..a dating scan at 7.5wks. Nt scan at 12wks and my 20wk anatomy scan. I have another one at 30wks to check my placenta (low lying). Based on the 30wk one I will probably have at least one more.
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  • I voted 6-8.

    I had 2 early on b/c of spotting, then 1 for my first official prenatal appt. Then a 4th when OB couldn't find heartbeat with doppler. Then the NT Scan, Amnio & A/S. I'll have just one more for the final growth US later on.

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  • samk213samk213 member
    I was with an RE and now a MFM as well as my OB.  I have low PAPP-A so we are concerned there may be some placenta/growth issues so I will have growth u/s every 3 weeks.  I have already had ultrasounds at 6w, 7w, 8w, 10w, 12w, 19w, and now every 3 weeks, until my c-section so that's about 10 total.
  • jlh2716jlh2716 member
    I just had the a/s. Won't have another u/s unless complications arise or if I go over my due date by too many days.
  • fmb2011fmb2011 member
    I had a quick u/s at 8 weeks, the NT scan, the a/s and I've been going every 4 weeks since then until I hit 28 weeks then I go weekly...all thanks to my high blood pressure! But I won't complain I do enjoy seeing LO.
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  • I'll should have 3 total - a dating u/s at my 8 week appt, the a/s at 19 weeks and one more after 35 weeks to check her size.
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  • I had one when I was 7 weeks basically to be positive I was pregnant. Then I had my anatomy scan 2 weeks ago. Might possibly have a 3D done later on but still not sure if I will or not.
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  • I had one around six weeks due to spotting, one at 12 weeks and another 18. I still need another one because Baby was breech and couldn't get one measurement. I might need another one being plus sized and measuring large. 
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  • 10+! This is the best part about being high risk (type 1 diabetic).  I've had 7 so far - 6 weeks, 8 weeks, 10 weeks, 13 weeks (NT Scan), 15 weeks, 19 weeks (a/s), and 23 weeks (heart scan).  The 8th is on the books for June 12.  And they mentioned we'd go weekly at some point - not sure when.  I almost passed out at the heart scan on Monday - they had me too flat on my back and baby cut off my circulation!  Apparently that's common, so other FTMs - if you start to feel woozy, tell them!
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  • I had one at 8 weeks, another at 12 weeks (because she couldn't find the heartbeat with the doppler), the a/s, and then another at my 20-week appointment because of my anterior placenta (she couldn't accurately count the hb).  So 4 so far, we'll see if I'll need more based on my anterior placenta and her wanting to count the hb.
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  • I'm being monitored for my fibroids, placenta (it's cystic) as well as a history of pre-eclampsia. So far, I had a dating ultrasound at 10 weeks, NT Scan at 13, Fibroid check at 17, A/S at 20 weeks, and another one is scheduled for 32 weeks. I guess we'll see how things go after that!
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  • So far 3...Had the dating scan but it was too early so we went back in 2 weeks and finally the anatomy scan! We may or may not do the 3D scan, just depends!
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