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subcutaneous hemorrhage

When to the OB yesterday for my first appt. (i spotted at 6 weeks due to a subcutaneous hemorrhage) Got an u/s done yesterday and the baby looks great and big as s/he should be but the subcutaneous hemorrhage is still there not growing or changing in size . She said its nothing to worry to much about just stay on pelvic rest .


Has anyone else had/ has a  subcutaneous hemorrhage ?  I just want to know what your doc did about it and what did you do about it..

Thank you 

Re: subcutaneous hemorrhage

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    There's a post further down with this same subject line... HTH
  • I've heard of a subchorionic hemorrhage, but not a subcutaneous hemorrage. Doesn't "subcutaneous" mean "just under the skin"?
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  • I had a subchorionic hemorrhage (I'm assuming this is what you mean) with my daughter. I bled from 6-10 weeks, sometimes heavy with clots. I also had a vanishing twin and they thought it might be related. Anyway I was put on pelvic rest until it cleared on u/s. I also had weekly u/s to make sure it was going away, and it did. I really had no complications from it after that.
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