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Amber Teething Necklace

Hi Ladies!  Hope you all enjoyed your Mother's Day!

I'm interested in getting an amber teething necklace for DD; but don't know anyone IRL close to me that has used I don't know how to tell what is a 'good' one versus a 'bad' one.  I'm amazed at how many options there are on etsy.  Serious overload.  LOL!

Anyone have one they can recommend?  Or maybe let me know if you've used it and how it worked (or didn't) for you?


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Re: Amber Teething Necklace

  • We've got one - got it from Babysteals at one point.  But unless teething was going to be a BIGGER nightmare, I would say it's more for fun than useful.  I didn't notice any difference from before the necklace to after.  But it's adorable, even on a boy!

    (I read that unpolished and dark is 'better' but take that for what it's worth...) 

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    Madelyn has been wearing one since she was 6 months old.  I also heard that the raw dark color necklaces were suppose to work better.  We've actually had great success, maybe it's in my mind.  Miss M had 4 teeth come in the same time and the days I forgot to put it on she was much more uncomfortable.  I heard after a few months of wearing you're suppose to recharge it by putting it in the sun.  We have a dark color and it started to get really light.  Two days in the window sill it's back to the normal dark color.  I don't know if it's 'really' working but it's worth a try and I know a ton of moms who swear by it.
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  • imageAmberHelaing:

    A little about Amber teething necklaces.


    Amber is fossilized tree sap and this makes it a resin. Resin does not always refer to a melted and reformed plasic substance. Amber is not a stone, therefore it is litghtweight and comfortable to wear. Make sure when buying an amber teething necklace you are buying pure Baltic Amber. Amber that comes from the baltic region is the purest amber and has higher concentrations of succinic acid and work well for teething babies.


    A baby does not chew on the necklace, they wear it. The skin warms the necklace and the acid that is in the oils are slowly absorbed into the skin. Succinic acid is water soluable and there is no overdose potential because the body will use what it can and the rest is eliminated and excreeted through the kidneys (pee'd out).


    As for the safety aspect. Make sure when you are buying a necklace that you are buying one with the screw closure. The reason why is the screw closure is designed to give (break) if under too much tension. In addition make sure that the necklace string is knotted between every bead. This way if the string were to break only 1 bead would fall off. Also, you can take the necklace, wrap it twice around the baby's ankle and then place a sock over it or place the baby in footed pajamas. This is a great alternative to having something around the neck if that causes you concern.


    If you are looking for a high quality amber necklace I recommend


    The use of an amber necklace is purely a personal decision by each parent and may not be the right choice for your baby. I can say it was amazing how well it worked for my daughter.

    I just love how people look for any possible opportunity to spam.

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