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What did you do for Mothers' Day?


We did a cookout yesterday for DH's and my parents and siblings.  Today, the kids and DH took me out to Bob Evans for breakfast.  This afternoon I convinced the kiddos to hang in there for a 10 mile bike ride.  We had fantastic weather in the mid-Atlantic region all weekend.  What a nice Mothers Day!

Hope everyone else had a fantastic weekend! 

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Re: What did you do for Mothers' Day?

  • JMayJMay member

    Hi!  Went out Saturday to avoid the Mother's Day restaurant rush - then spent most of the weekend hanging out at home and enjoying each other's company. We were total slugs and we loved it!

    Hope everyone felt loved and appreciated! :)

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  • We went for lunch with my mom, went to pick out my annuals and veggies and planted those.  I would have liked to sleep in and get a pedicure, but that didn't happen.  It was still a nice day.  The weather was great and my kids were adorable. 
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  • MrsSRMrsSR member

    I got to sleep in until 8:30.

    Then DH ran to McDonalds and got me an egg and cheese biscuit and a caramel frappe.  I opened my gifts (a spa giftcard, chocolate covered strawberries, and a coupon for one week off of packing lunches).

    After breakfast we went to run a couple errands.

    Came home for DD's nap and I cleaned and spray painted her new to her picnic table.

    After she woke up we did lunch and then went to Petco to see the "meows" that are up for adoption and headed over to Toys R Us to get her a toy for being the best baby ever.

    Came home and spent a couple hours outside, playing in the sand and in her playhouse.... DH mowed. 

    It was a nice day with lots of together time.

  • Well I took care of a sick toddler...Husband took our son fishing. Then later on in the day he surprised me with take out. We had already arranged to make up mothers day since our daughter was sick. So this week on Sunday we are celebrating it at my moms
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  • I took my mom out to lunch and bought her some bath oils.
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