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Stroller Envy

Went to a lunch w/ my mom at a local park festival today where they had an outdoor concert and some vendors.  There were women everywhere with strollers and babies and cute little families. I loved every second of the people watching! Especially scoping out all the baby goodies everyone has. I saw so many strollers and moby wraps/baby carriers. :-) Seriously had some stroller envy with some of the high end ones I saw.  Our conversation morphed into comments such as "wow look at how easily she maneuvers the 3 wheeled all terrain" and "ohh look at the in line double" or "thats the new city mini".  My life has officially taken a 180 from a year ago when my "envy" would have been over which lady has the newest coach purse or sparkly-est shoes. 

Happy Spring and Happy early Mother's Day to all my fellow Sept 2012 mommy to be's!  

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Re: Stroller Envy

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    Ha! After DD was here and we had all our baby gear in place my fascination turned to cloth diapering. Then I'd notice any baby in cloth diaper and see if I could tell what make and model diaper it was. LOL Parenting does mess with your head a little. 
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    hmp1hmp1 member
    I used to love it when I was pregnant with DS and DH would get all excited about people's baby gear. 

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    jbBeansjbBeans member
    We're in a bit of a poshy neighbourhood and our storefront has a nice big window onto the street, which is very walking-friendly. So I sit in here and go "that's a Perego Uno" "that's a Bugaboo" etc... I must drive MH crazy! 
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    I'm with you. I totally want a dualie bob and my husband's cousin is willing to sell us one for $300. Sadly my hubby has no such envy problems. He's not into this at all. Nuts!
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