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A/S Results - SUA

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While everything looked good w/ baby; there is a possible complication - Single Umbilical Artery (SUA). The umbilical cord is supposed to have three vessels; 1 vain & 2 artery?s; I only have 1 vain and 1 artery.    The doctor said that b/c of my age (28), and the measurements of the baby he doesn't think that it is cause for concern - however they will be monitoring me more closely (yay! more ultrasounds!).  However, with the SUA, it could be a chromosomal defect (1/650 chance), or there is the chance of baby being born with a low birth weight, or possible defects affecting the heart/gastrointestinal/kidneys - so that is why I will be monitored.

There is no known cause for this, it just that sometimes the second artery never develops. 

I?m trying to stay optimistic that it?s nothing; but still, worried none the less.  Follow up/regular apt. w/ my doc next week.

Has anyone else experienced this?


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Re: A/S Results - SUA

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    A friend of mine did, her daughter is 100% fine.  It's not that unheard of and hopefully it is nothing more than a fluke for you!  :)
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  • I'm right there with you, at 22 weeks.  I met with a genetic counselor after we found out, and she said all our test results and A/S results looked like there was nothing to worry about.  She said 99% of the time she counsels patients for SUA, the baby ends up perfectly fine.  I'll be seeing a perinatologist as well as my regular OB, and between the two of them, I think I'll be having a ton of ultrasounds and non-stress tests to monitor growth, level of amniotic fluid, etc. as time goes on.  Best of luck to you, and try not to freak yourself out with too much Google research! Smile
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  • I have a SUA as well. I am 29 and my risk for chromosomal defects are about 1/3000 now. The doctor didnt seem to concerned with mine either, he just warned us that we might have a smaller baby and our son may come a week or 2 early. He is sending us to get a fetal echo  to make sure the babys heart looks ok and to look at the umbilical cord again. He also wants us to have repeat a/s in 6 weeks as well as extra u/s along the way to make sure baby is growing good.  Its kinda freaky, especially since I am a FTM, and I try not to worry but sometimes the worry creeps in. 
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