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and the heartburn has begun....

yuck!! I never had heartburn before and now it is in full force.  I hope it is from dinner and not a regular thing.  I never had it with my other 2 pregnancies. 

Re: and the heartburn has begun....

  • Zantac 75.  Generic version.  Yes
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  • It just started for me, too. Ugh!
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  • I started getting it already as well..with my other pregnancies it didn't happen until 3rd trimester. Some nights I eat Tums [smoothies only, they taste sooooo much better than the regular ones] like candy. 
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  • I hate the heartburn! I have never had it until I got pregnant and it has been torture. I hate when I can feel it in my throat. I feel like I could breathe fire sometimes. lol
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  • I get heartburn frequently when not PG, so it's been pretty rough lately :(  It was so bad, even soft pretzels gave me heartburn.  I brought it up to my ob & she told me to get prilosec otc & I have been heartburn free since i started it :D  I would recommend it to anyone who has heartburn... mine was even waking me up at night :(
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