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Lots of spit up/ green poop???

Any experience with this one? DD is 5.5 weeks old and EBF'd. Friday morning, Sunday morning, and just now, when she is finished feeding she spits up a LARGE amount. It is spewing out of her mouth. I've washed our mattress pad on our bed along with sheets twice since Friday. She's a happy baby, sleeps really well (7+ hrs/night since 3 weeks old) , not fussy unless she's hungry, and pretty much sleeps and eats. She has about an hour of alert time in the morning and at night, and other than that she is either eating or sleeping. Her poop has also been green lately if that means anything.

DS had reflux. He was bottle fed EBM, struggled to gain weight, and was constantly fussy from 3-4 weeks old on. However, he hardly ever spit up. He also arched his back. She has none of that.

We don't go see the pedi until she's 2 months. Is it worth a call? Or is this "normal" spit up? Does that make sense?

Re: Lots of spit up/ green poop???

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    If lo is a "happy spitter" then I don't see any problem. any color of poop is "normal" at this point. I have heard green could mean foremilk imbalance, but it is pretty rare, and I think the poop is frothy along with being green.

    Also, take a tablespoon full of water and spill it onto the counter. it looks like way more than it really is. I would be concerned if lo was spitting up an entire feeding, but spitting up a lot in the beginning is normal.

    (Your lo being a happy baby also makes me think it is fine)

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  • Sounds like your baby has an upset stomach and the poop color could be from getting too much formilk (sp).  Make sure you are feeding 15 minutes per side or at least not switching until you feel your breast is soft.

    You may want to try gripe water to see if it helps.  But really I doubt this is anything to be worried about.  Also new here.. not sure what ebf'd means.  =)   

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  • I have a happy spitter also.  As long as she's happy and growing, it's probably not an issue. 

    Mine is constantly in a bib and I have two burp cloths ready to go at all times.  He seems to be growing out of it some and doesn't seem to spit as much with a bottle. 

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    DD did this a lot early on.  I'm not really sure exactly what it was, but I think it was just both of us getting used to bf'ing.  I had an oversupply, so I think she may have been getting more milk than she intended when she just wanted to comfort nurse at times, and instead, her little belly was getting too full of mostly foremilk!  This could be the case with you too, but if so, I found as we both got more "experienced" it got better!     

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