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Glycerin Suppository & NO "GO" ?

Hi. I am visiting briefly from The Nest. I have an issue regarding DS (just turned 2) and his bowels.

He has had on-going problems (for about a year) with constipation and we have been advised by his ped to give him Miralax, as needed. He is mostly affected when we travel or when he gets out of his daily routine.

Over the past few days, he has been increasingly uncomfortable, pushing hard, straining, and grunting, and this is with a good diet and a bit of Miralax. We are not traveling and he has not had any routine changes.

Today, he was screaming and crying. I called the doctor and since it was Sunday, I spoke with a nurse. She said to give him a children's glycerin suppository, which I did.

He still has not gone and several hours have passed. He is happy, though. I am calling the doctor in the morning, but has anyone had a kid NOT go after a glycerin suppository? What happened?

My heart breaks for him. I hate this.


Re: Glycerin Suppository & NO "GO" ?

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    Yes DS has the same issues.  He can go for up to a week with no poop.  About a month ago he had a huge blockage and kept straining/pushing.  When doing that a little liquid poo would leak out around the blockage which resulted in a red/bleeding/burning butt hole:(

    Miralax did nothing for him.  He won't drink juice.  I've tried the prune squeeze pouches which he won't eat.  Some of my friends swear by the Pedialax fiber gummies.  I drove to 5 stores to find them and he won't eat them.  Anyways, we pushed in an infant suppository and he pooped it out whole (with the blockage staying put)

    I called the pedi and she recommended the Pedialax brand suppository/enima thing (found at Walgreens).  Instead of the first one we used which was a capsule, this one pushes liquid up in there.  It softened everything up and he literally filled his diaper within 5 minutes of giving it to him.  Good luck!

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  • Dd is just two also how much miralax do you give? We were doing 1 tsp  day just saw GI dr for first time and they said to give her 4 tsp a day in 8oz water. Also had to do glycerine suppository for three days after no bm for two days even with glycerine I called dr and they said do a pediatric enima. A little bm after that. Next day was 3rd suppository she held it in for hours! We are on day five and I feel so bad for her. Before this she did not have a bm for a week dr said colon is in three parts so it can take a long time to "unclog"
  • My son has been through all of this sonce starting on solids at 11 months. The one and only thing that works to clear him is the liquid pedialax glycerine. Once he is cleaned out, we give him activia for breakfast every am and a sippy of prune juice. He was on miralax for about a year and it did help. But we decided to pull him off it and have stuck to no milk (still on toddler formula because of this), activia and prune juice. He does occassionally still get blocked up but prune juice usually works now!
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