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Birth Story-very late & long

DD is almost 7 months so I?m definitely behind but I really feel like I should get her story out.  I should also say that we are military and the hospital we went to is very old and doesn?t have the greatest facility.  So I apologize if this post sounds really ungrateful or whiny. 

 I started getting contractions at 11:30am on the 11th while I was getting ready for my 2:00pm dr appointment (on the 11th I was 40w6d) I finished up getting ready then went to my appt.  (I had an induction scheduled for the 12th) They checked me and I was 3cm then asked if I wanted my membranes swept.  I almost said no because the nurse that checked me had short stubby fingers AND she had rings on!  Having her check me was almost more painful than giving birth!  They told me to go home and walk and call later if I needed to. 

 Obviously, the pain got worse when I walked so DH and I decided that I would relax and breathe through contractions (they were constant already) instead of wearing myself out walking all night.  About 6:30pm they were about 2-3 minutes apart so the hospital told us to come in. 

 They hooked me up to a monitor and the nurse didn?t come back for 1 ? hours.  When she checked me she said she couldn?t even find my uterus.  DH and I were thinking, WTF is up with this lady?  At some point the monitors were moved and so it looked as if I was no longer having contractions.  The nurse came back in, told me I wasn?t in labor and that they were sending me home.  (while my contractions were getting closer and stronger!) I was so confused.  And then she proceeded to tell me that I would have to call at 5am to make sure there was a bed available and that because they were understaffed I might have to just wait at home.  DH was furious.  I told him that if we went home I would be back by midnight.  And what was I supposed to do, just have this kid at home??  The bad nurse left and another one came rushing in about 5 mins later because they weren?t monitoring the baby.  She was really confused as well and said I was getting admitted and she would be our nurse.   We found out that the other nurse was leaving to go home and just didn?t want to do the paperwork to admit me.  We of course, were furious.  Then we told them that nurse had better stay away from our room.

 About 11:30pm I got an epidural and tried to keep resting but it was almost impossible because all the nurses were slamming doors, and laughing super loud outside our door. The birthing rooms all had their own bathrooms (which were really dirty) but the recovery rooms didn?t and we had to walk down the hall and share a bathroom with all other moms that just gave birth. Sounds like a breeding ground for infection right?  And to top it off the recovery rooms were so small that I couldn?t lower my bed down all the way or it would hit the wall.  The walls were so thin that they had a sign on the wall ?Caution, conversations may be overheard?  and you really could hear the people next door and their babies. 

 I started pushing at 9am on the 12th and everything went smooth and great.  At 10:14 I gave birth to Mya Brynn weighing in at 7lbs, 13oz and 20in long.  Aside from the hospital, everything was wonderful.  She was born on a full moon and so there were several babies born right before and right after her.  But she was doing so well that they let us go home after 24 hours.  She has been an amazing baby and I truly think we lucked out.  The only problems she?s ever had was reflux that has kept her from gaining in leaps and bounds like other babies. We couldn't ask for anything better! Thanks for reading J

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Re: Birth Story-very late & long

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    I'm sorry you had such a horrible hospital experience! That really stinks! Congrats on the little girl though :) 
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