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Kids with mild hearing loss

Hi Ladies,

My 4 1/2 has mild hearing loss.  The audiologist that we saw today have suggested for us to look into hearing aids for both ears.  Also, she also suggested for me to see if the school he will attend in September have the FM systems.  Anyone familiar with this?  Just wondering how it works etc. and if your child did/does use this did it really help out? Thanks...

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Re: Kids with mild hearing loss

  • I don't have a child with this issue, but I have tutored and taught several kids with mild hearing loss. 

    Definitely pursue hearing aids!   Even if your child does great academically, the hearing aids will be an invaluable asset for your son's social development.  One child I tutored was reluctant to wear hearing aids, and her mom was too much of a pushover to force her.  This kid did well in school, but she was socially immature.  I tutored her in 5th and 6th grade, and she was socially closer to kids who were in early elementary grades.  Granted, her social immaturity could have been due to any number of reasons other than her hearing, but I don't think it helped her to have a hard time hearing what other kids were saying in class and on the playground!

    An FM system is a device where the student wears a headset during class.  The teacher wears a transmitter that looks sort of like a stethoscope.  It picks up the teacher's voice and transmits it directly to the student's headset.  Presumably it does this using an FM radio signal, although I'm not 100% sure about the exact technology. The student I mentioned above used an FM device, and I have worn one a handful of times for students in my English classes who have had mild hearing loss.   It's a great accommodation for kids with mild hearing loss in school, but it doesn't fill the same niche as hearing aids.

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  • Hi,

     Lurker here (as you can tell by my number of posts), but I wanted to share some info with you.  I'm hard of hearing and a teacher of the deaf/hard of hearing.  In my school board the students use wireless technology for FM systems.  If the child has hearing aids the receiver that they typically wear is about the size of your finger nail (literally) and is attached at the beginning of the school day.  If the child does not have hearing aids, but has a mild loss or APD, they can also wear wireless receivers.

    I've included a link which provides a general description for personal FM systems. You can also see what the FM systems actually look like. This is only one of many manufacturers that produce FM systems.  I have also not included information re. soundfields as that's an entirely different post (we have about 8 different soundfields in our school board to meet the students' individual needs). 

    Hope this info helps!

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  • jlw2505jlw2505 member
    My DD's school has a great system in place and I just learned yesterday that they are actually using it in my DD's PreK class for the 1st time this year as one of the kids has hearing loss.  Basically, they have speakers set up in 4 parts of the room and the teachers were a mike.  The teachers can control if the sound is projected throughout the whole class or just into certain sections.  My school is very high-tech and they use ipads and other technology for a lot of the learning so the kids can replay lessions as needed and they do a lot of work on the ipads which makes it easier for kids with any type of delay/disability to keep up and to just be able to particpate.  The speaker system is great though as the teacher doesn't need to talk really loud to be heard and the sound is spread equally through the classroom.
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  • MrsSRMrsSR member

    We don't have them at my school, but I've seen it when I was a sub.

    I had to wear a mike for a special education class.  The boy who needed it was given a little transmitter thingy that he clipped to himself (this was junior high).

    I just had the mike clipped to my shirt.  Both devices were very tiny and not a huge deal.

  • rakle99rakle99 member
    I am a teacher of the deaf. Hearing aids and an FM system is a MUST. Also, make sure your audiologist is familiar with the educational needs of hearing impaired children. Some states have designated pediatric audiologists. When picking out hearing aids, make sure that the hearing aids are FM compatible. You should also request an educational evaluation from the child study team to see if he has any academic or language delays. Be aware that classifying a child as hearing impaired is a medical issue, and therefore the child does not have to have an academic deficit in order to get services. You should also request services from a teacher of the deaf, who can check your son's equipment, teach the staff how to troubleshoot it and use it correctly, as well as teach his classroom teacher how to modify the environment to help him. Please feel free to PM me if you have any questions!
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