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We are having a baby boy and question

Had our A/S scan yesterday and boy was my husband happy. Right when they started the ultrasound the first image we had was of baby's butt and his goods. Needless to say my DH has been smiling ever since the appointment.

 I do have to go see a perniotologist because of two issues they found:

1. Found some water in baby's kidneys

2. They found scar tissue hanging on my uterus, has anyone ever heard of this? I am only 23 yrs old and have not been pregnant before. They said that baby is kind of kicking the piece of tissue around so it is not stopping baby from growing. I am just concerned if I can  carry full term and if this condition will stay stable and not get worse.

Any advice would be great and please pray for our little son and that my body would be able to sustain him. How are you all doing by the way?

Married to my best friend and mom to Calvin, 18 months old. We are so excited to being having Baby #2 (due on our 4 year anniversary)

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Re: We are having a baby boy and question

  • Congrats on the sweet lil boy! I had my scan on Monday and we are having a boy also! I don't have any input on the things they found but I'll be sending thoughts and prayers your way girlie!
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  • I don't have any advice but will keep you in my prayers. Congrats on your little man!!
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  • Congratulations on your baby boy!  I hope things work out for your baby and your uterus!!  *T&P*
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  • Im having a boy too and they found the same kidney issue.  They said it is very common in boys and not to worry. THey just scheduled another US in 4 weeks to follow up.  Not sure about the other item..good luck!
  • Congrats on Team Blue! On Monday we found out we are having a boy also. No insight but will keep you and baby boy in my prayers.
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