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Question on ovulation

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I think I ovulated 2-3 days ago (I had a very positive OPK) but no clear temperature rise yet (it could possibly be a slow rise or a fallback rise).  I went for an ultrasound today and my dominant follicle is no longer there (which would indicate I did in fact ovulate) however, my doctor did not see "free fluid" which would definitely indicate that I ovulated.  Is it possible that the follicle disapperead completely after ovulation and this time no free fluid was formed?  Do we always need to see "free fluid" in order to confirm ovulation happened?  I am not sure what to think...


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Re: Question on ovulation

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    At some point the body reabsorbs the free fluid--it isn't going to just slosh around forever. Three days serms a perfectly reasonable reabsorbtion timeframe. Your doc would know best, though.
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