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Glumetza v. Metformin

My insurance just denied me the Glumetza my doc ordered.  I can pay about $60 out of pocket for it or just use the generic Metformin the insurance did approve with my regular $10 co-pay.  Is there a big difference?  I don't know if it's ER or not.

I'm nervous about side effects.  I don't handle stomach issues well.

Re: Glumetza v. Metformin

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    It is much more expensive but if i could swing it I would definitley take Glumetza. My doctor gave me a bunch of samples of Glumetza and I loved it in comparison.  I'm on Metformin but it takes quite a while to get used to it and if you miss a dose I will deifnitley know it.  That said, I still had issues with Glumetza - upset stomach  not as much nauseau but I did still have it. Good luck - it is not a pleasant drug.  But, I have learned if I stay away from "bad food" I do not have nearly as many problems.


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    The real difference between Metformin vs Glumetza is regular tablets vs. extended release tablets, along with the mg formulation (500, 850, and 1000 vs. 1000 and 2000). Sometimes people like the ER tablets better because usually it doesn't give them as much diarrhea as metformin can. Metformin also comes in ER formulations, and those are generically available as well (500 and 750mg). The strengths of Glumetza do not come generically yet because they are still under patent, so it is brand name only. However, there really isn't that much difference between all of them, but if you are worried about it you should talk to your pharmacist and/or your doctor. Make sure you take your metformin or Glumetza with a meal, though, to help with stomach issues.
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    LtlAngLLtlAngL member

    Glumetza is a newer (more expensive) medication, and insurance companies don't like to cover it unless a person has failed on a preferred generic medication. 

    Basically, what this means to you, is that if you have intolerable side effects with the Metformin, and your doctor discontinues it because of those side effects, the Glumetza will be approved.

    I don't take either, but work at a doctor's office and frequently fill out precertification forms for things like this. Many patients prefer the Glumetza due to a lesser magnitude of gastrointestinal side effects (but you will still get some.)  

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