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If you need another A/S...

When did your OB schedule it?

Baby was super uncooperative for my first A/S and unwilling to show her profile or clear shots of all four heart chambers. The tech assured me it happens and was due to nothing more than baby's position.

Now the OB is sending me to a perinatal center but didn't give me a time line. I scheduled it for 22+ as it works well for my schedule but was wondering if anyone was given a time line for the second scan.

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Re: If you need another A/S...

  • I had my A/S at 19 weeks exactly and I am scheduled for my next partial A/S at 26 weeks.  They didn't get a good picture of the back of her spine and they want to check on my placenta position.
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  • I went last Friday at 19 weeks for my first a/s.  We had a soft marker for downs and they didn't get a good look at the heart, so they told us to come back in 2-3 weeks.  Our appointment for our 2nd a/s in on the 17th (it was the earliest they could get us in that 2-3 week range).
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  • My tech is an in office tech and at my A/S she said "i'll just see you again at your next appointment".  She said she couldn't get all valves of the heart and told my doctor she wanted a more mature shot of the face for the nasal bone. She assured me it was the age of the baby, but I'm trying not to worry.  I will be 22 and a half weeks for this A/S. 
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  • I just went yesterday and they were able to check everything but the spine.  The baby had flipped with the spine to my spine and they couldn't get a good look. They said it looks good but they want to double check. They got me reschedualed for tomorrow already. 
  • My doc informed me at my last appointment they will do another u/s around the 28 week time to look at the placenta placement and check the measurements of the baby that they couldn't get at the first u/s which was done at 18 weeks 2days.
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  • When we went at 19 weeks she had her head behind my bladder and wouldn't move. She only turned the slightest bit and showed us sucking lips and her arm was over her face. They seemed pretty calm about it and said they would have me come back in for a better look once she got a little bigger. I have an appt Friday so I'm hoping they schedule me for the next ultrasound. 
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  • I had one 2 weeks ago and have another tonight...because little girl didn't want to move her arm for us. It was behind her head and even at night when i went to my OB... She's stubborn
  • We also have to go back to get more measurements of the heart, but the Dr that called me said to schedule in 4 weeks so that's what I did.
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  • esalyiesalyi member
    I had my first one at 19.6 and they didn't get enough pics of the brain. My OB said wait 2 weeks, then go back so I just did my repeat today.
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