Trouble TTC

having biopsy #2 tomorrow for ivf prep.

though i am still not entirely sure what this does in terms of helping implantation.  heh.    but then i am 'off' until late next week for any dr. appts.   i am actually semi-thrilled about this. =)






Re: having biopsy #2 tomorrow for ivf prep.

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    i don't know much about the reason behind the ivf prep we haven't done it yet so I'm no help with the explanation but just wanted to say good luck!! :)
    June 2009- Begin TTC November 2011- Laparoscopy to check for endometriosis (normal) HSG to check for clear tubes -(Normal) and hysteroscopy to check uterus (normal) April 2012- AMH checked- (5.8) thyroid and prolactin= normal....internal ultrasound- thin uterin lining indicating issues with ovulation April 2012- Semen Analysis- sperm count of 8
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    MBJuneMBJune member
    I don't know anything about IVF, but just wanted to say Good Luck!!!

    Dx: PCOS/Unexplained
    July '13 - Mar '14 - Letrozole and TI - BFN
    April '14 - HSG - All clear - Letrozole, Trigger and IUI - BFP
    May '14 - Miscarriage 5w 3d
    July '14 - Letrozole, Trigger and IUI - BFN

    Aug '14 - Letrozole, Trigger and IUI - BFN

    Sept '14 - Letrozole, Trigger and IUI - BFP

    Beta 1 - 87  Beta 2 - 193  Beta 3 - 441
    SA - All good
    ALL Welcome

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