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HCG level 14... what does that mean?

Hi there, yesterday I had some routine labwork done to check my thyroid levels. When I was called back with the results, they also let me know that I tested positive for pregnancy, but my HCG levels were only at 14. They want me to go back on Wednesday to have them checked again. I let them know that I just completed my period, and there is no way I would be pregnant- unless I got pregnant at the beginning of January before I had my first period after having my son (I have had a routine period, with spotting between since January). Obviously an HCG of 14 would not be indicative of being 22+ weeks pregnant. The person I spoke to was really odd, wouldn't give me any scenarios, and just said we would see what my levels were when we retest. Obviously today I am very confused, and am just looking to see if anyone has ever experienced anything similar? What was the outcome? I currently have a 6 month old son- could these HCG levels be a result of that pregnancy? Thanks in advance!


Re: HCG level 14... what does that mean?

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    How is it that you couldn't possibly be pregnant?  The hCG levels would not be left over from your last pregnancy unless there was residual tissue.  From what I understand, an hCG level of over 5 indicates pregnancy.  

    ETA: I just read the OP again.  It sounds like it could have been a CP and your levels are falling or implantation bleeding and your levels are still low because it's early.   

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  • If you just had a period, most likely you were pregnant prior to it, and the period was really a miscarriage. You don't give exact dates, but it sounds like it might have been a chemical pregnancy. If you really hadn't had a period since January, you ovulated super late, which often means degenerative egg quality (not all eggs, just that one, as it was "old" when it dropped.

     They really do need to do followup blood work though, If your levels rise, it could mean  the "period" you just had could have REALLY been implantation bleeding and they just happen to have caught you when your were just getting pregnant. There are plenty of happy endings where woman ovulate really late and have a healthy pregnancy. 


    Good Luck!


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  • Sorry, I wasn't very clear in my original post.  

    My husband and I were having unprotected sex before I got my first period after my son was born.  I got my first period since having my son mid January.  We have not had sex since then (i know).  I have had my period a total of four times, once every month since then.  They have been extremely heavy, and I have been spotting pretty regularly in-between.  It is not uncommon for me to spot when my thyroid medication needs to be adjusted.  I didn't even know they were testing me for pregnancy when I had my labwork done.  So, this is why my HCG level of 14 is very confusing.  If I was pregnant... I would have gotten pregnant prior to my January period.  Which is why I am extremely confused.


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    Just out of curiosity - what are your thyroid levels? I'm going in on Thursday to (hopefully) have my last hcg levels tested to see if it's at zero and asked my doc if she could throw in a TSH test too. The last time I checked, my TSH levels were at 3.3 and that was 2 years ago, so I'm wondering if they've gone up and could have caused my mc in April.

    Anyway, hope you find the answers you're looking for! Good luck! 

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  • My thyroid level was 5.5.  They have been as high as 68!

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