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Appt today

Great appt today.  Both boys are doing great and growing at the same pace.  Even though we already know the sex, this was considered my a/s.   It was awesome to watch them on the screen for almost an hour.   They recorded the whole session and gave it to me on a DVD.

Only had one quick scare - they found a small cyst near the brain.   After talking to the doc and coming home and instantly doing research, I found out it is not a big deal.  It generally clears itself up by 28 weeks.   If I did not have the CVS it could be considered a "soft marker" for down's and trisomy.  I also found out that even if it doesn't clear up, it causes no brain damage and there are many adults walking around with these and you would never know it because they are not an issue.  I am more relieved now, but will be anxious to see if it's gone by my next scan. 

Hope everyone else that had doctor apppointments today had good ones!  Sorry I haven't been on much, life has been throwing me lots of curve balls in the last 5-6 days!

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