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When you first started solids (specifically, rice cereal)...

How long did you do it once a day before you upped it to 2x/day??

How did you time it? Currently I am doing it one hour after her first bottle of the day.  

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Re: When you first started solids (specifically, rice cereal)...

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    We aren't doing it twice a day yet (or even nec. 1x a day... I do it in the evening when I eat dinner, usually. If it is busy, we skip it.) Remember, food before one if just for fun- how you do it (when, how often) is really up to you - it doesn't really make a difference at all.


    Eta: as far as timing, you are doing the right thing by doing it after a feeding! :) you always let them fill up on milk first, then feed the solids. 

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    We started with rice cereal once a day and he hated it. We then mixed the cereal in with sweet potatoes, and he loved it. After about 2 weeks, we upped it to twice a day. Now I don't mix any cereal in, and he's eating two- three times a day.
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    I havent started Hannah yet (will at 5 months) but with my other two I started with cereal in the morning and waited a few days before I added in a dinner feed just to see how their stomachs were handling it. I don't want to give them anything new in the evening just in case it upsets their tummy and keeps them up all night. I always do solids first and give the bottle after. It's what my doctor recommended and it's worked for my kids. All doctors will have their own opinion as to what order is best but there's no right or wrong way. Do what works best for you :)

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    I gave him rice cereal after his bottle around dinner time last week on Thursday and Friday and it gave him diarrhea which in turn gave him a diaper rash so I stopped. But I tried oatmeal cereal last night and we'll see how that goes. I plan to give it to him every night after his 6pm-ish bottle while we eat dinner. He seems to really like the process of eating it, and the spoon, I just wish it didn't give him the dirty d.

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    Once per day for about 3 weeks (I started at 5 months, and he wasn't too interested for a while, so I would stop for a few days, then try again). Now he gets solids twice per day.
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