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Feeding baby Question?

Question about feeding baby?  At my DD 2 month well baby visit I mentioned to the doctor I was planning on make our own baby food. She said that was great but that we could not make beets, turnips, carrots, and spinach or collard greens due to the high nitrite levels. She then gave me a nutrition birth though 12 years sheet and this is where I am getting confused. It says:

4-6 months: Begin rice, fruits and vegetables in any order allowing 5 days between each.

6-8 months: Introduce other cereals (oatmeal, barley, and mixed grains) continue fruits and vegetables and add foods with meats.

9-12 months: Continue all the above adding soft combination foods such as casseroles, macaroni and cheese, yogurt, and finger foods.

But then Gerber has baby eating barley and oatmeal as a supported sitter, and yogurt as a sitter. So my question is when did you start these things? I know I have time yet but I like to know what to plan for or what is next.

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Re: Feeding baby Question?

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    That is a good article on the nitrates in homemade baby food. My doctor actually recommends carrots as a first food (along with sweet potatoes and squash). The only things they said not to give before 1 year was egg whites, cirtus and honey. 

    I have given DS carrots and he really likes them!

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