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Frustrated with my BBT! Thoughts?

First and foremost, I'm still a newbie and perhaps I'm being ridiculous and simply need to relax. I just thought I'd ask for thoughts or opinions..

I'm currently on CD 15. I thought for sure I'd O this past Saturday or Sunday based on CM, OPK's, and my previous cycle (the first one post bc that I O'd). I was also having slight ovulation pain on Saturday. Then, Sunday evening I was in such debilitating pain near my right ovary (I assumed to be O pain), that I literally had to lay down. I couldn't eat, move, or do anything and I went to bed in pain. The same thing happened during my last cycle, which turned out to be the day I O'd. So, I totally expected to see a jump in my temperature this morning. Wrong.

I get home this afternoon, still frustrated about my temps and I decide to take my day time temp just for sh!ts and giggles. It said 96.88. Not only is it lower than my BBT this morning (97.31), but is that even normal? Shouldn't my temp be higher than my BBT this morning? I thought your BBT was supposed to rise during the day.

I'm wondering if it could be my thermometer. I use the Mabis and I haven't had any problems thus far. Am I just completely crazy, everything is fine, and I haven't O'd after all? If I'm being a total nut job, I can take it, just let me know.

TIA :)

ETA: Here's My Chart

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Re: Frustrated with my BBT! Thoughts?

  • Could be a faulty BBT, my Target Mabis was faulty so I exchanged it for the WalMart one. That one had a half-dead battery so I exchanged it AGAIN for the same WalMart one. I should have just invensted in one that was more than $8 but I really thought I'd be KU by now lol!'s temp is a little higher than yesterday's. I'd just see where tomorrow and Wednesday's fall and go from there. You may still get CHs for yesterday or maybe you'll end up with them for today. GL!


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  • I don't think you ovulated and you should probably not take your temp during the day because you are only going to stress over it.. Case in point. I also don't think Ovulation should be causing debilitating pain where you cant eat or move.. I could be very wrong though :P

    Stop temping during the day because it really does mean nothing. Temps can fluctuate and mean nothing if its not the first morning temp.

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  • I agree with PP.  I also had to just get a new thermometer mine would stop reading half way through.  Keep using your same thermometer the rest of this cycle and if you still think its reading wrong I would invest in a new one or battery even.  As for your chart I would see what the next couple days show.
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  • Many women have a dip in their temp either right before or the day of ovulation. Maybe that's what's happening with you right now. I know it's hard, but you really will just have to wait it out for a few days and see what happens.
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  • Thanks, ladies, for the advice. I've never temped during the day before, the only reason I did it this afternoon was to see if something was wrong with my Mabis.

    The pain was super intense, which is the exact same thing that happened last month, so I assumed it was my O day again. I guess we'll see what happens within the next few days. 

    It's definitely hard to relax, especially since we had great BD timing. I guess we'll continue to hump it out, but I'm not going to lie, I was really looking forward to a break! lol

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