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Anyone use Pepcid for LO's GERD?

My doc prescribed this for DD this morning and was wondering if anyone else uses this for LO.  If so, has it helped with gassiness/spit up?



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Re: Anyone use Pepcid for LO's GERD?

  • My LO has been on this since his 1 mo checkup about 2 weeks ago. So far, I do see some improvement, but only if he keeps it down long enough. It has not really done much for the spitting up, but it does make it not hurt him to do it. He has become more of a "happy spitter" instead of the screaming and arching his back.

    As for the gas- we started giving him the gas drops with every single feed. It has helped him so much! If we skip it even just once, it is really noticeable and he is miserable.  

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  • we're using zantac since my dd's check-up last friday... haven't seen much change yet, but they said it could take a couple weeks. i have my fingers crossed! she's so uncomfortable! I don't think it'll help with gassiness, but it should help with GERD related spitup. Do you give gas drops to your DD? we give gas drops in every bottle and it seems to help. Also, we're giving her infant probiotics to help her GI tract get better populated with good bacteria to help break down her formula. The pediatrician suggested trying that, and so far, it seems like she's passing gas and pooping much easier. GL!
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