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My LO has been having some complications with constipation here lately and I think it's because we have started him on baby food. Poor little guy sits there and grunts and screams and his face gets really red. Now I know what to do to help him get some relief in terms of helping him push it out. I was told prune juice will keep him comfortable but will most likely cause diarea to occur. 

Sometimes the prune works but other times it does not. Why can we do or give him to keep his bowels open so he won't be in so much discomfort? 


Re: Constipation

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    We have been using white grape juice. Mixing 1oz juice to 1 oz water. My LO did not care for prune juice but she likes the grape juice
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    Our pedi suggested to give him foods that start with the letter P...peas, pears, prunes, peaches...all will naturally help with the constipation. Avoid the bananas as well for a few days and things should smooth out : ) We tried prune juice in a bottle and he ended up with VERY bad gas and was even more uncomfortable. You can also mix prune juice with the cereal and that also seemed to help us. Good Luck!!
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    You can try the juices mixed with 1 ounce of juice to 1 ounce of water. 1/2 of a peditric glycerin suppository works, too. The only thing that really worked with my ds this time was using rectal stimulation (with the tip of a rectal thermometer with KY on it) a few times. He hadn't pooped for four days (normally went at least 1x a day before solids.) its terrible seeing our LOs struggle like that!

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    Thanks for all the suggestions! 
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    If nothing else works you can give him miralax. That's what we use because nothing else helps.
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