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I have been taking First Response "O" tests since the end of my last AF. The last 3 i took had two pink lines but the test line didnt look dark enough. The one I just took for today the test line was much lighter then the others. I am at day 16, did I "O" already. I am so confused. Please help!!
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Re: "O" tests

  • Ovulation tests (OPK's) are only considered positive when the test line is at least as dark as the control line. It is common to have a lighter test line at different times in your cycle. Some women have very short LH surges and need to test twice a day in order to get a positive, so it's possible you missed yours if you're only testing once a day.

    Regardless, the only way to confirm ovulation is by charting your basal body temperatures. You can find out more about that by going to fertilityfriend's website (clicking on my ticker will take you there). 

    The newbie link at the top of the main TTGP page is very helpful as well. Good luck! 

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