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favorite clothes labels for school/daycare?

My babe is starting daycare soon and I need to get into the habit of labeling clothes, bottles, etc. What are your favorite labels? 

(I looked through the last couple pages and didn't see this asked, though I suspect it is asked often.)

Re: favorite clothes labels for school/daycare?

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    A lot of people like Mabels Labels. I personally just go onto ebay and buy the kind that you can iron on. I've never had any problems with them coming off after washing. They're cheap too - like 200 for $5 and that includes shipping!
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  • I can not be bothered with labels. A permanent marker works great!
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  • I got a bunch from Label Daddy using a groupon. Totally worth it; I got our last name only, so I can use them for either one of my girls. 

    I can't tell you how many times I've looked at a sippy cup or jacket as we were leaving the house, realized it wasn't labeled, and slapped one on. It has really helped, both for DD1 at preschool, and DD2 when I take her to the gym daycare and many of the kids have similar snack cups or sippies.  

    I used to use a sharpie and I'd have to re-label DD1's water bottles every few washes; the Label Daddy labels stick really well no matter how much we wash them, and even re-stick just as well if my kids pick them half off or whatever.  


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  • OliverslabelsThey go through the dishwasher, washer, dryer, and never need replaced.  I've had to peel them off of things I finally wanted to give away.  Love them!
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  • We used Campbound(dot)com.

    Fantastic people we have used them for several years with my grandmothers labels in her nursing home as well as DS's preschool.

    Quick turnaround, and iron on labels.

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  • KL777KL777 member
    Mabels Labels was recommended from this site and I tried it.  They're great :-)

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    These things are indestructible in the dishwasher not as great on clothes but I will BT them

    Again for #2. 

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  • Inchbug's Orbit Labels for cups, Mabel's Labels for jackets/shoes/etc.

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