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What's the advantage of a diaper bag over any other tote/backpack?

Just going on research, it seems like the diaper bags have more pockets, but sometimes that can be limiting, no?  Teach me. :)
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Re: What's the advantage of a diaper bag over any other tote/backpack?

  • Pretty much the pockets, and most diaper bags also come with a changing pad.

    I love all the pockets. It's nice to not have to dig through a whole bag when you need something quickly.


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  • The only other real differences I've found are totally wipeable insides (no cloth to get wet, stain, etc.) and some have cooler-esque areas for bottles, but that's rare. 
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  • We're wanting a bag we can both use.  It will probably either be a cross-body or backpack.  I guess that's a little harder to find even if it's not a diaper bag.  
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  • imageanitalynn:
    Personally, I am looking for a bag that has one long strap I can put over my shoulder rather than 2 shorter straps that might not fit over 1 shoulder as well. I want wipeable as opposed to cloth. I want an outside compartment for my wallet/phone etc. 

    this for me too...if you find anything, shoot me a message or something. been hunting around for something like this, but no such luck thus far.

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  • Meh, they are not necessary in my mind.  I used a cross over one strap cloth bag as my purse/diaper bag and it worked perfectly.  Was a gift from a friend who bought it in a market in Liberia so it was free, even better! When lugging a baby around the less crap you have to carry the better and I would definitely use the one strap again, otherwise you are dropping the bag or banging it into the baby when you get them in and out of the car or stroller.  Mine didn't even have any pockets and it was fine.

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  • We have the skip hop duo & duo double, both in solid black. What I like about the duoble is the outer pockets are insulated. It has one long strap for over the shoulder, but also two shorter ones, so you can carry it like a tote.

    The skip hop duo is smaller & I like that the outer pockets have magnetic closures so it's really easy open & close them with one hand & not have to fumble with a snap or zipper. MH wears this one across his body.

    They both come with changing pads. 

    I've never had to wipe them really so the material has not been a factor. They're canvas with an inner lining. The quality is very good - no rips, tears, broken zippers, or anything to report as of yet!

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  • I couldnt do it without a diaper bag. The main thing is that the lining is plastic so it prevents cups and bottles from leaking all over the place. No matter how spill-proof they claim to be, if u stuck a cul or bottle in a regular bag, it falls on its side and leaks. I love having a pouch that firmly holds the bottle up. I also love the many pockets because there are so many little things i carry with me. If we are making a fast  trip, i throw a diaper and some wipes in my purse, but for all day out, daycare, or nursery, a diaper bag is almost irreplaceable IMO. 
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