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Anyones baby on soy formula?

Which one?  Why are they on it?  Any issues with it thus far?  Thanks!
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Re: Anyones baby on soy formula?

  • DD1 was on the Similac Soy formula for awhile.  The reason she was on it was a bit of a sore spot actually.  My mom was watching her for several days while DH and I were out of town and she decided to switch her to soy due to fussiness without consulting us.  I was mad, but kept her on it so we weren't bouncing back and forth between formulas.  It did help some with her fussiness and gas.  We ended up transitioning her back to a milk-based "gentle" formula when she was around 6 months old.
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  • We're on Enfamil ProSobee because almost every formula we tried a bunch of different formulas but they all made him have really bad (and painful) gas... so far he's so much better and alot less fussy
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  • DS went on soy (gerber goodstart) around 2 months old I believe due to his milk allergy/intolerance. He's done great on it and we're just trialing milk right now at a year old. DD seems ok on milk based formula right now **fingers crossed**.
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  • Lol- I recently wrote a post asking the same thing. DD has been through a few formulas (Good Start Protect, Gentle and Soy, Similac Alimentum, Enfamil Nutramigen). We had her on Nutramigen for the past month. She had diarrhea EVERY single day, three times per day. It eventually caused diaper rash with sores, inconsolable crying, vomitting and sleeplessness. UGH!

    Her ped told me to change to soy and recommended Good Start Soy. However, I remember trying that for 1 1/2 days almost 2 months ago and her stomach was a balloon with insane screaming. So my mom told me to go with Similac Isomil. So far, she is sleeping much better. We are on day 6 of Isomil. She poops everyday, though the poop is more formed. She smiles, is cooing and sleeping much much more. DH and the daycare both said she has improved tremendously.

    I am just praying this lasts! I am so afraid that if the Isomil fails, what's next?? Her reflux seems to be bugging her though since she has been crying during her feedings. Either that or she is teething.

    Let me know how you do if you choose soy, because so far I am glad I made this choice.

  • We've been using Enfamil ProSobee for a couple of weeks now. DS was super gassy and spitting up A LOT. We tried two other formulas before the pediatrian switched us to soy. So far no problems. He is DEFINITELY less gassy and doesn't spit up like he did before. I also hear good things about similac sensitive but haven't tried it personally.
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