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Story Armella...thoughts?

Oh my lord. A family friend had a baby girl yesterday and named her Story Armella.




Re: Story Armella...thoughts?

  • Wow. Didn't they think of how her resume will look one day? Poor girl...
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  • Story is a guilty pleasure name of mine.  I don't like Armella at all though.
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  • Story isn't terrible, actually, though I would never use it. Armella is an odd choice.
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  • I know the cutest little girl named Story. She is about 4. Because of that association the name is ok to me, otherwise it would be on the 'what were those parents thinking' list. 
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  • I actually like the name Story. I think it's sweet. Would never use it myself, but I like it. Armella is a bit odd, but it's just the middle name, so whatevs. 
  • I first read it as Stormy, so in comparison Story wasn't nearly so bad! I dislike Armella far more than Story.

  • That name is really bad
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  • Eh - not as terrible as some names, but really don't the parents think how it will affect them on resumes in the future?
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  • I love the name Story. It's not unheard of as a word name, and I think it sounds nice and has a nice meaning, along the lines of Fable, Sonnet, Lyric and Poet.

    I know not everyone likes word names, but it's easy to say and spell, and the word doesn't have any negative connotations. I don't think it's going to hold her back in life (as PP have suggested....incredibly, you can make it through life as a successful adult, even if your name isn't Elizabeth).

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  • Gah, I love Story!  It's my #1 guilty pleasure name.  I would never in a million years use it but I think it would be adorable on a small child and interesting on a grown woman.


  • I adore the name Story. HATE Armella though.
  • UGH.  Out of all the names out there too!

  • This one is a no go for me.

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