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rice cerial= constipation?

I have been giving my DD rice cerial plain and mixed with fresh veggies and fruits. All of the sudden she has been having a really hard time pooping. She can go but is thick and she really struggels, not crying or anything but I guess i'm not used to hearing her grunt. I am thinking it is the rice because it has iron in it.

Has anyone else experienced this and if so how did you fix the problem I mean aside from stopping the rice?

Re: rice cerial= constipation?

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    Rice cereal contains iron which causes constipation.  Really, the only things to do are stop the rice or add things that have a laxative effect like prune juice

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    Yup. It caused major constipation with DD1 which is why we'll be skipping cereal and going strait to veggies w/ DD 2. I may try oatmeal but definantly not rice cereal. The cereals really don't have a lot of nutritional value. If I were you I'd start eliminating cereal from her diet.
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    Every once in a while (every 2-3 weeks) DD1 will get constipated.  If it's been a couple of days since she pooped we stick the tip of her thermometer in her butt and within an hour we get a poop.  It amazes me since it's just the very tip (we have thermometers from the NICU that are all plastic except the metal tip and the nurses said to just put the metal tip in) but makes her go very quickly.  The nurses said to do this is she's having a real issue going but not to make a habit of it so that her body doesn't think it needs that to poop.
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    Thanks ladies that's what I thought I might have to do. Thanks for the advice!
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    My son had a little bit of an issue when he was maybe 5 months old. Not sure what brand you use, or how old your baby is. But I tried Gerber DHA Probiotics rice cereal and it made a huge difference. Probiotics regulate adults, so figured I'd give it a shot for babies. He LOVES cereal so I didn't want to just give it up cold turkey. I also got the DHA Probiotic Oatmeal cereal. He has the oatmeal with a baby food fruit in the mornings and a tiny amount of the rice cereal with some baby food fruit at dinner...he is a breastfed baby and on solids and is still pooping at least once a day. Solids will definitely change their poop, making it harder and smellier! If your baby is breastfed he may have a tougher time adjusting to the solids since breastmilk is a natural laxitive. Hope this helps!

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