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spit up?

My almost 4week old is spitting up so much it is driving me crazy with concern.  It just seems to be getting worse.  We mentioned it at the 2 week appointment and to the lactation consultants and they just said to keep an eye on it so I have written down each time it happened the last few days.  They just say it looks like a lot but sometimes it is a lot more than others and sometimes it looks curdled.  He spits up while at the breast, while trying for a burp, afterwards while sitting in his chair, and even in bed at night which has me most worried.  He is gaining weight well but is gassy with lots of dirty diapers and sometimes seems fussy after/during a feeding.  I dont want him to suffer and I dont want him to have meds he doesn't need but am concerned.  This weekend he ate 10 or 11 times in a 24hour period and spit up 8-10 times each day...thoughts?  
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Re: spit up?

  • If it is more than 2 tablespoons each time, then our pediatrician said it is possible that the baby has reflux. Our pediatrician also warned us again lactation consultants, because they will often discourage parents or treating thei vibes for reflux as it adds something to the baby that is not purely bm. Ds is bf and fed bm in a bottle. Your symptoms sound like what ds struggled with, and since being on Zantac for reflux, he has been so much better! Worth bringing it up to your pediatrician again. It is very common.
  • The best thing to do is what you're doing.  Keep an eye on it.  If you have supply issues and need to supplement, using the AR formula can help reduce the quantity of the reflux.  Otherwise, as long as growth is good and there's no signs that the acid is burning the esophagus, there isn't much reason to incorporate meds.
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  • That is my concern...can dr tell just by looking in throat?  Poor LO seems to gag all night in pnp he lays flat.  He fusses a bit after feeding but usually sleeps w/i 10min of swaddle rocking and music but then I hear him up several times in night gagging and find him wet with spit up...
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  • Zantac helps Lo to not get o the point of irritated throat and esophagus. Our ds didn't appear to be in too much pain, just arcing his back and fussing right after a feeding. Also grunting and soaking himself in spit u at night in his pnp. We first started with gripe water and gas drops, but now Lo sleeps through the night and is content after feedings. But each baby is different. Best advice is to monitor but check again with your pediatrician. Ours said monitor him at 2 weeks and by our weeks if it hadn't improved he would be put on Zantac, it kept getting worse
  • Have you tried to cut dairy out of your diet.  My Lo was spitting up a lot.  Once I took dairy out of my diet it got a lot better.  He still does it every once in a while if I put him down too quickly after a feed, or when he gets jostled after eating.  So much less than before though.  




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    This is how my LO is.  He's a very happy spitter and I have been told that it's not a medical problem, just a laundry problem.  At almost 2 months old, I have definitely relaxed about it compared to the beginning.  Some days are good with very little spit up, other days I see spit up after each feeding and it can be an hour after my LO eats.  Here are some tips that may help (but definitely haven't eliminated all spit up for my LO):

    Keep your LO upright for 20-30 minutes after feeding.

    Try to get more burps out if you can.

    Burp often while feeding.

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