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Still eating every 2 hours!

DS will be 10 weeks tomorrow and he still eats every 2 hours-- He is breastfed (I pump during the day, he nurses at night) and I am so frustrated.  He will only take like 2 ounces or so but he eats every 2 hours throughout the day and wants to nurse every 2-3 hours at night.  We got a 6 hour stretch once.  ONCE!   Ugh... this Mama needs some shut eye. 
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Re: Still eating every 2 hours!

  • I hear you!  My DS will be 10 weeks on Saturday and I have the same thing going on here!  A couple times he went almost 4 hours but that's it.  I keep thinking it has to do with being born early and at a low birthweight but I don't know.  My pediatrician said to try and hold him off to stretch it out.  We tried this for 2 days and it was horrible.  I went back to feeding on demand and just going with it.  All babies are different right?!  But if someone has advice on this please let us know!!
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  • DS1 ate every 2-2.5 hours until he was about 4months old! It's rough, but it does get better, I promise!! It'll turn around. Does your LO take a paci? With DS2, my DH gives him a paci when he first starts waking up and that can usually stretch him another hour or so. 
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  • My DD#1 was BF and she ate every two hours until she was probably 4-ish months.
  • Same here - LO is eating every 2 hours. I always said I wanted to keep the pacifier out of the equation as much as possible but this past week I gave it to her and that's the only way to hold her off a little - maybe an hour or so. She's only 7 weeks so I don't mind feeding her every 2-3 hours but we need to start a routine for daycare which is coming up in just a couple weeks.
  • my Lo is 9 weeks.....talked to her pedi today about how mine wakes every 3 hrs at night...she said it is TOTALLY normal and that very few babies STTN at this age...

    So....i guess we all will be walking zombies for a little longer ;)

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    DS ate every 3 hours at night until he was a year old, he was BF'd.  At that time we just gave him sippy cups of water.  Even now he's still up at night more than she is.
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  • Mine eats like... every hour. Except at night, it's 4-5 hours, or every 2 and a half.
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