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"Misery loves company" Monday

I don't remember what we do for Mondays, but I'm cranky today so it's a misery loves company day for me!

I had SUCH a hard time sleeping last night, and of course this is my last week at my grad school internship.  I also have what feels like a month's worth of papers due within the next 3 days...

And my throat hurts  >:O  All I wanted was a milkshake this morning, so I made a fruit smoothie with the kiddy version of greek yogurt.

(side note - anyone know why the smileys don't work in google chrome?) 

Little B 9.20.12

Re: "Misery loves company" Monday

  • I didn't sleep well last night. Emma, our dog, slept right on my side of the bed, and I didn't have the heart to push her out of the way, so I slept around her.

    My DH is off this week on "vacation," and on Thursday, he's going to an all-day event where a theater is showing all of the Avengers movies, then doing a midnight premiere of the new flick. His BIL is going, and our close friends are going, too. I'll be at work. :

    Then I got a call from my mom while I was on my way to work saying that my dad's childhood best friend's mom, an old school feisty Italian lady that I loooove, passed away on Friday. They're in Connecticut, and we're in VA, and the funeral is today. We can't make it, and I'm sad. I'd love to be there to pay my respects to her.

    Today sucks. :|

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  • I hosted a sleep over for my DS who turned 9  this weekend NEVER AGAIN two of the kids were A%^^(#@ and set the tone for a crazy Friday nite so much so that I got up at 6:50 am Saturday morning and started dropping kids off at their houses. I have been cleaning and trying to recover for the past two days. I have been sleeping on the couch because of the my extreme RLP.

    I really did't want to come to work today. I have physcial therapy appointment today at 2 and have to deal with getting the side eye from my boss all because I will only be here half day.

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  • Oh, I'll be GREAT company today.

    I am miserable with a capital M. I have a terrible cold. I cancelled my plans for this weekend so I could stay home and rest and hopefully get it out of my system. No such luck. I went to the pharmacy yesterday to try and find something that is "safe" for me to take. I found Benedryl, but not non-drowsy Benedryl. I couldn't find just plain Tylenol was Tylenol Cold & Flu, Severe Cold, Multi-Symptom, etc. I spent more than 20 minutes reading boxes.

    I was totally overwhelmed and upset, so I went to speak to the pharmacist, who was no help at all. He basically said the safest bet is no medication at all (DUH...really?!). And when I asked, "well, is this safe?" he answered, "well, according to some sources it is. Some say yes, some say no." So I left empty handed and in tears.

    I'm at work now, after being awake from 2am to 5am, then up again at 6:30. Should be a LOVELY day.


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  • My a-hole husband and I are having our weekly fight.  Things are awful between us right now.  I'm in the middle of making a lot of difficult decisions and I should be excited about today because I go this afternoon to find out what we are having.  I was supposed to get my kids out of school early and take them with me but my husband, who ran out of his adderall 2 weeks early, because he most likely has an addiction to them, didn't want to to go to work today or get his a$$ up to take them to school and now I don't know if anyone is going with me.  I HATE TODAY.
  • OH I totally forgot - I was FURIOUS at DH yesterday.

    I posted before about a name dilemma - 


    After we found out LO was in fact a boy, we decided that we would talk to his grandparents together and share what we were considering doing.  I'm still preferring it as a middle name, DH wants it as a first name (if you don't feel like reading the post - it's a family name of DH's uncle that passed away in a car accident 28 yrs ago at the age of 17.  I feel weird, DH is gung ho about using it.)

    So he was talking to his grandmother - and all of a sudden goes "well, since we found out it was a boy, we wanted to check with you first, since we wanted to use Brian as a first name."

    um, EXCUSE ME?  I was NOT happy that he did that, after all the conversations we had back and forth.  Cue me ugly crying that I felt like he just completely disregarded what I had said and what WE had agreed to do beforehand.  

    So he backtracked and said he just got caught up talking to his grandmother (who had asked about LO and me) and that we would still talk to his grandparents together.

    I'm still annoyed, but because he screwed up on how we were going to go about doing it, I might get what I want after all - it's more likely that he will back down a bit about using it as a first name now.   

    Little B 9.20.12
  • The stomach bug hit DD on Friday, me on Saturday and MH yesterday. 

    I'm still not 100% and am in a bitchy, bitchy mood. 

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  • Manx4Manx4 member
    I feel like I am always tired and it sucks.  This morning it was gloomy & rainy - the perfect day to sleep in.  Even DS didn't want to get up.  I just wanted to roll over & go back to sleep. 
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  • I forgot my allergy meds on saturday night so I spent sunday absolutely miserable.  I couldn't take anything after the fact either.  We'd planned on going to visit my brother and take him out for lunch for finishing his MBA and everything makes me SUPER tired now, I literally just have to sleep it off or I'm absolutely useless for everything.  I spent all day with a headache and sneezing, blowing my nose to no end.  Now I'm pretty sure I've acquired a sinus infection from my stupidness yesterday.  Ugh...I'm so miserable.  I'm pretty sure my face is going to explode any moment now....

    To offset that we did get to a really awesome store and purchased our Britax B-agile for $130, which is almost 50% off!  Woohoo.  Thank you who ever put that thought in my brain here. 

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  • My boss told me he needed me to go to the county law library to look something up...only I carpooled today so that meant I had to walk there and it was completely across downtown.  So I got to take about a 30-40 minute walk in my work clothes in 80+ degree weather and 90 percent humidity. 

    On the way there, I was threatened by a homeless man who screamed at me "I'm  going to kill you, you honky B**ch" repeatedly for no apparent reason other than I happened to walk by him.  Then I was harrassed by some homeless lady for money.  Then I tripped on an uneven stone on the sidewalk and completely ate it.  Belongings went everywhere.  Fell completely to the ground. Skinned my knees and hands. Almost tore a hole in my pants.  Ever since I have had the worst imaginable headache. 

    This is definately a Moanday.

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  • DH was given a verbal offer for a promotion and a raise last Monday. Apparently they didn't bother to clear it with the accountants first though, and they're throwing a fit. So we're still waiting to see what they can actually offer him in the written offer. Maybe I'm too young and naive but I don't know why they would tell him about a position and salary before making sure it could actually happen. What they told him last Monday was enough for me to be able to stay home, anything less and we would need to find another source of income. I feel like an idiot for getting my hopes up that maybe our job/financial problems could actually work out in our favor for once.

    Throw in the anxiety of having our ultrasound tomorrow, and I am a nervous wreck.

  • Thank you, I REALLY needed a place to vent today!

    19 weeks and still puking!! Every time I think I'm going to round a corner, I don't.  And the best part is that everyone keeps saying, "Oh, it's supposed to get better really soon - how far along are you?" I just want to scream - "No, it was supposed to get better 6 weeks ago, it's probably not going to get better anymore, so stop saying that!"

    I have a migraine today, too, which is a new thing as of the last few weeks (I mean, I've always had them, but they've really increased in frequency) And the only thing that helps is caffeine...but people (other than my husband, mom, sister) look at me like I might as well be shooting up heroine when I drink a soda!! I don't even LIKE Mountain Dew!!!! 

    Can you tell I spent some quality time at a family bridal shower this weekend? ;) Everyone means well, but their comments are SO draining.  "How far along did you say you are? 2 weeks? That's really early to even know you're pregnant"  " 18 weeks."  Seriously...I've gained 15 pounds and used to have a flat stomach, it's not that hard to tell!

    Thank you SO much for the place to rant.  I feel better.  I've never written a vent post really does help a little:)

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  • I promised myself that I would *not* stress at work today.  Five minutes after arriving, I checked my e-mail ti discover that progress reports are due on Monday.  Love the one-week notice as this means I have to complete all of my end-of-year assessments by Friday.  Oh, the pressure! Those lesson plans I slaved over this weekend? I may as well throw them out the window as I will be testing every spare moment I have.  I am going out of town this weekend, and taking Monday off, so I must have everything together before I leave: homework and progress reports squared away in each cubby, lesson plans completed, substitute plans completed, laundry, and pick up the apartment.  Just the thought of all this is making me yawn.
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