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Multiples Check In

I'm starting early today ladies (thank you insomnia) Post a pic of your beautiful twin/trip/or more belly.

Question of the week: I had planned to ask this before I had insomnia,which is ironic, but how is your sleep going? Tell us what is and isn't working for you.

Hope everyone is doing well! Have a great week!

Re: Multiples Check In

  • My sleep has actually been going well (minus of course the current insomnia.) My dh calls my pillow configuration a puzzle and getting up to pee at night has become an olympic sport. I'm up to 5 pillows! I'm finding it best if I sleep on my side with a pillow supporting my belly in the front and one in the back because I tend to roll towards my back. It's so weird waking up in the morning with one side of my belly hard from baby butts being smushed to one side. The babies kick every morning around 4am but not hard enough to keep me up. The BEST thing my dh has done to help me sleep is every night I get a back rub. I was starting to have mini panic attacks at night because I was so uncomfortable and this totally mellows me out. I've also started sleeping in my b-day suit because I was feeling strangulated by my clothes. My swollen, nose bleeding, leaky boobs, snoring, drooling, now naked self is so sexy I don't know how dh keeps his hands off of me.

    RIP belly button. You were a good belly button, even when my stupid 17yo ars pierced you at the beach while some guido was talking on his phone, hence the crocked holes. I'll see you on the flip side belly button. 23w


  • It's 4:25 am and I'm awake, after my 2nd time waking up to pee. "Sleep" involves lots of pillows and maneuvering to try and get comfy. I used to be a stomach sleeper, and of all the pre-preg things, I miss that the most. I think I miss it more than WINE.  

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  • No pic today, but I have noticed it is finally starting to get hard! I was worried I would look like a big flab forever! Last week was the first week people at work made comments to me, so I assume I now look pregnant (instead of bloated).

    In the last week, I started sleeping with a pillow on my back. I always slept with a knee pillow, but I now use that pillow to support my tummy as well. I am sleeping much better! Although, getting up to use the restroom with all the pillows makes me feel like Houdini. Krismott, sleeping naked sounds really tempting. The clothes are already in the way and it's not like I can see my underwear anymore. I lost my crotch last week, so I may just be an unshaven, naked lady soon! 

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  • No pic, I don't have much of belly yet.  Just my flab

    Question of the week: I had planned to ask this before I had insomnia,which is ironic, but how is your sleep going? Tell us what is and isn't working for you.

    Sleep isn't great.  I can fall asleep but when I get up to pee falling back to sleep is hit or miss. I ordered a pillow and am waiting for it to arrive.

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  • No belly pic - my phone is dead Sad

    I had planned to ask this before I had insomnia,which is ironic, but how is your sleep going? Tell us what is and isn't working for you.

    Pretty good - I usually only wake up once to pee. I bought a full body pillow so I switch from my left to right side throughout the night. I've been really hot at night though. I used to cover up with tons of blankets but now I'm lucky to have one and I have the fan going full blast!

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  • I'm just looking pudgy so it's really not attractive right now. I don't think any of you would want a picture of that!

    Question of the Week: The getting up to pee started this weekend. I got up 5 times, yes FIVE, but I think it was partially my fault. I must have drank more water than normal in the evening time. Last night I limited it to just one glass of water and I only got up 3 times. I have a really hard time falling back asleep once I'm awake, so work days are brutal.

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  • No pic because it is just fat now :)

    My sleep is not too good. I usually fall asleep around 11 and wake up about 2. Then am  up till DH leaves around  6 or 7. Usually I then manage to get in another hour or two.

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  • I don't know how to post a pic :( but just wanted to say we had our 1st OB appointment and it went great!  Both my little Raisinets are growing and doing well :) 

    QOTW:  My sleep is doing well...I'm always sleepy and can almost fall asleep standing up.  I do wake up alot in the middle of the night to pee but fall back asleep easily.  AND I HATE up in the morning...I think I could sleep the next 9 months away.

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  • I did take my first bump pics yesterday, but I am not sure how to put them on here.  I will have to work on that.

    I am sleeping well most nights but my problem is that no matter how early I go to sleep, I still wake up feeling completely exhausted.  I had been waking up twice to pee, but last night I think it was more like five times.  I think I drank too much water and juice before bed.

  • No bump here yet either. Just a little rounder :-). I have been sleeping so-so. I find laying on my back helps soothe my stomach so I don't wake up feeling nauseas, but then I wake up stiff as a board.
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  • I usually fall asleep pretty quickly, but do have to go to the bathroom several times a night.  After the last bathroom trip around 5 or 5:30 AM, I usually have a hard time going back to sleep.  I'm sleeping with one pillow under my head and in front of my belly, one in between my knees and another behind my back. 

    Occasionally I still manage to get on my back and I always wake up with a pounding heart when that happens.  Scary!  Last week sleeping was pretty rough as I was having a lot of swelling and it was making my knee hurt super bad!  I could feel it all night.  I am glad that seems to be gone for now though.  :)

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