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Preschool snack ideas.

This has probably been asked before but I have to bring a snack for 16 kids to preschool and I need some creative ideas. And is Pirate Booty a bad idea? Not bad for them but not really heathy. Thank you.

Re: Preschool snack ideas.

  • I have no idea about snakes but I want to say that every mom avoid maggie and other junk food from their  under 7 age kids.
  • I have no idea what Pirate Booty is...

    Suggested Snacks:

    - Sliced apples, pears, strawberries, or oranges

    - Watermelon slices

    - Fruit salad or fruit tray

    - Veggie tray with hummus or ranch dip

    - Mini bagels with cream cheese

    - String cheese with crackers

    - Squeezable yogurts or applesauces

    - Non peanut trail mix (pretzels, Chex, and Goldfish crackers)


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  • i love pirate's booty! :)

    how about annie's gummy bunnies, fruit skewers.

  • I like Pirate's Booty too - I actually bring it in for my own snack.

    I'm lazy so I'd bring Pirates Booty (or pretzels?) and 1/2 a banana, grapes or apple slices for each kid.

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  • We have to send snack for 28 kids for a week straight once out of the school year. We sent a bag of pears, a bag of apples, a big block of cheddar cheese with Kashi 12 grain crackers, a giant bag of grapes, a bag of pretzels and a few bags of microwavable Orville Redenbacher's natural popcorn. Not creative, but it got the job done.
  • I think Pirate's Booty would be fine.  We have taken: pita chips, bell peppers, and hummus, mini-bagels and cream cheese, crackers and string cheese, and various fruits.
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  • AZ123AZ123 member
    ha! I just brought Pirate Booty today for snack! That and I did apple slices. I usually bring two things but honestly, the kids love repitition so I don't have a lot of variety. It is usually sliced fruit or yogurt and then crackers or homemade muffins.
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  • Pirate Botty is very popular at our preschool.

    String cheese, cheese crackers, pretzels, apple slices, fruit leather, all big hits in her class.

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