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Boy moms - fashion question for you:

Are denim shorts totally out for boys?

I don't really think I've seen them in stores.

We have a ton of hand me downs for which I'm eternally grateful but I'm wondering if I need to keep the denim ones more for around the house play instead of for school?



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Re: Boy moms - fashion question for you:

  • ss+elss+el member
    I've seen denim shorts everywhere I've looked for summer clothes for DS. I tend to buy him more khaki and navy shorts because they're easier to find for 4 or 5 bucks each than denim, but I don't think denim is out.
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  • I think they are in right now! 
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  • I'm leaning toward out.
  • rsd12rsd12 member
    My boys would not wear them, too heavy for summer. I personally am not a fan either, I think they are out of style ; )
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  • I want to say in. DS has some that I got from Target and they match with any shirt.


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  • I'm not a fan.
  • imageI Heart The 80s:
    I am also not a fan of denim shorts. They should be outlawed for every man, boy and child.




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  • From what I have seen they are in if they are long and cool looking. Crazy 8 has them this season. 

    eTA that I like them if they are skater looking, we are not talking 80s cut-off.  

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  • That's mostly what all of my boys have.  In or out I like them and my kids are wearing them.
  • byrne15byrne15 member
    I've never put ds in denim shorts because I don't like how they look on boys (or men).

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  • My husband always makes jokes about people who wear "jorts" so we have never bought them and probably will not. We tend to buy instead navy blue cargo shorts since they also match pretty much everything but are a little lighter weight and can be dressed up or down. If you have the denim shorts though, no need to toss them. I would probably use them on the weekends.
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