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XP: Were you in daycare as a child?

Just started my 3-month-old in daycare and am looking for long-term advice...

 I'm the first member of my family to put my child in daycare. If you were in daycare as a child, I'd like to hear your experiences (good and bad) in relation to how I can make this the best experience possible for my son. Thanks!

Re: XP: Were you in daycare as a child?

  • I was not but had my DS in daycare until he turned 1. My biggest advise is to make sure you love the daycare place and if you have any reservations to trust your gut. And stop by at random times to see what is going on and do not stop doing this even if he has been there 4 years, things can change and the only way to know is if you see it yourself.   And if you see something you do not like, trust that it is probably not the first time. As for how to keep DS happy, make sure that you find quality time where you can instead of quantity, mornings together, singing in the car, etc are all great bonding time. And feed him as many meals as you can yourself even if it is easier to have the daycare provider do it. 
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  • I was.  I was with an elderly couple for a bit and then in a great preschool.  I loved it - I met someone I had been in preschool with years later and it was great.  My kids have been in daycare since they were infants and they are now 4 and almost 6 and they are doing great.  The right daycare can be an amazing thing for kids - they learn so many different skills - social, education, independance - I could go on and on.  I am a huge advocate for daycare/preschool and I think kids that have some form of it before they start kindergarten have an easier time with the adjustment to school.  Not saying it has to be full time or anything like that - every family needs to do what works best for them but I think overall, it is great for everyone.  Again - the huge key here is finding the right daycare setting for you and your family.
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  • JMayJMay member

    I hate to be negative for you, but my daycare experience was miserable. (there is some good stuff coming)   I remember clear as yesterday how it felt - I would stand at the window and watch my mom drive away and my heart would ache for her.  I was "ok" once they dragged me away from the window, I had one good friend and enjoyed a few activities, but I remember always feeling like an outsider, and never being treated very well.  I was miserable from the time she left until the time she picked me up.

    My mother will tell you that she wishes she had picked up on the cues - that it wasn't about daycare, but rather, about the fact that this was not the right place for me.

    Fast Forward (many) years - I put my DD in daycare when she was about a year.  It was miserable.  I could tell that she was unhappy and misunderstood at what was supposed to be a very good school.  I knew it would be tough but the crying every day upon drop off AND pick up led me to believe that my DD was also in the wrong place.  So I kept looking, and after a month, I pulled DD out of the first place and brought her to another facility...

    Day 1 was the same.  Day 2 - no tears at all.  Day 3, the only tears were mine, because DD happily went into the arms of her teacher.  :)  I found a place that was good for DD and let me tell you, that girl was HAPPY there. She loved her teachers and enjoyed her friends.  She learned so much and I credit her phenominal social skills to having been in the right place for her. 

    It's so hard to leave your child, but I think if we are observant and pick up on the cues our children given us, we can ensure that they are in a safe and comfortable environment that suits their personality.  Just like finding a job - we want a place that suits us - same with the kids.  That way, when we leave, we can feel good knowing that our children continue to thrive even without our presence, instead of balling up in a corner, as I so often did. 

    GL to you!!!

    "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming..."

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  • I am a military brat, both parents were full time military. So that means allot of daycare. I have had experiences with both staff and other folks' kids. With staff, my mom said I was about 6m, a yr, something like that. Well anyway, it was a at home provider, my mom dropped me off while sleep. Something kept nagging her to check on me, she came to the lady's house to find me face down in my vomit. Yea, quickly reported her to the base and police. The other time was with other folks' kids, and they were raising their child as intolerant of ppl of color, to say it nicely. They were throwing rocks and calling me names of that suited the slavery times. My mom noticed I wasnt my usually busy, chipper self and addressed the staff about the kids.The parents ended up withdrawing their kids because they were upset about a women no less colored telling them about their children.

    Other than that, I havent had issues. No bullying, mean staff, none of the such. I definitely agree with the PP, follow your instincts. If your kid doesnt act like their usual selves or something keeps nagging at your gut. Check on it. You never know what could happen...or what you're preventing. 


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