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Hip/leg feels like it's out of socket?

So, my left leg is hurting a bit, where it feels like my leg or hip is out of it's socket.  As far as I can tell, it's not out of the socket.  Is it just everything shifting as baby grows bigger?
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Re: Hip/leg feels like it's out of socket?

  • If it was completely out of socket you wouldn't be able to move.

    That being said it could be a little misplaced.  My hip joints have been popping a lot lately. It can go from mildly uncomfortable to down right painful.

    I usually try stretching or shifting my hips around to get it to pop back. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

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  • Try looking up posterior pelvic pain. I thought it was my hips until my chiropractor told me it was that instead. I feel so much better but there are ways to sleep and sit that can help a lot. 
  • I looked up the symptoms for posterior pelvic pain, but that doesn't fit it.  It most likely is everything just shifting, especially since it doesn't hurt now.  Thanks ladies!
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