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OK, so at the end of next month we will be driving from TX to OH (about a 17 hour drive) to visit our family and friends in Ohio. When we travel, LO will be about 4 1/2 months old. This is our first road trip with LO. Any tips or advise will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    This is a really easy age for traveling, they sleep most of the time and there is no real need to keep them entertained like a toddler. 

    The only advice I have is not to change their car seat before going if LO does well in it now.  It took DD a few months to adjust from her bucket carseat to the convertible.  I would have hated to travel with her during that time. 

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    The only thing I've learned about traveling with LO (and we've done quite a few long distance trips), is to make sure that she has a clean diaper and is fed within 20 minutes of us leaving. If I wait any longer than that, she will get fussy and not fall asleep once we get on the road. We've also got a little activity center that hangs down from the carseat handle that keeps her occupied when she wakes up, which usually gives us enough notice for when we need to stop and change, feed, stretch, etc. We typically have to stop every 2-3 hours which falls along her usual routine anyways.


    Just a warning: Not all rest stops have a diaper changing station so make sure you have a mat or something to use as backup. 


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    although much shorter, i did a longer trip recently. Can you stop along the way? Because i would do as much driving as possible at nighttime. We just took a 5 hour trip, fed the baby and got in car at 7:30- normal bedtime, and got there at 12:30. So we didnt have to stop. On way back, we left at 7:30AM- fed her right before, stopped at 11 to fed her, and change her and didnt stop again- got home at 3. She slept almost the whole ride.

    My dd loves the car though but slept way more than she normally does at home.

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    I'm sure alot depends on your LO. But, expect it to take longer than usual. We just went to my mom's house which is usually a 5.5 hour trip, and it took us 7 hours. DS eats every 2 hours, so we had to stop alot more than usual. Also, I set beside him in the back seat and had alot of toys in reach to keep him occupied. He doesn't sleep much during the day anymore, he slept for about 20 min after each feeding (which is more than usual). When he's awake he wants to play, so keeping him entertained was a challange. DS normally does very good in the car, but after a few hours he had a huge meltdown. He hates to sit still for too long, and was pretty much inconsolable. It made for a long drive.

    I think the next time we travel, we'll do it at night. Hopefully your trip goes smoothly though. Good Luck!

    ETA: DS was 5 months

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