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pliko 3 stroller folding ?

Hi all,

I normally hang around the June 2012 moms board, but I think you guys might be better equipped to answer my question. I just received the Peg Perego Pliko 3 stroller at my shower and put it together today, and I need to know if this is a defect or I just don't know how to use it yet :)

When I fold the stroller up it feels like it doesn't click closed, and if I try to stand it upright it'll just unfold again. Can anyone tell me if there's a secret I'm missing that will keep it folded?? Or is this just how this model is?


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Re: pliko 3 stroller folding ?

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    Hey there! I am a total lurker but wanted to respond to your post bc I was convinced my pilko was defective once I tried to fold and unfold it! To get it to stay closed when it is folded up, make sure it is "latched" on the side - on the right side, there is a little hook type thingy (descriptive, I know) that should hold it in place. To get it to stay down once you unfold it, you have to make sure the sides are snapped into place. Once you unfold, look towards the front of the stroller - there are little silver snaps on the sides of each side of stroller, just push each leg of the stroller down and you should hear a snap. It is really important to snap these or, as you have learned, the stroller will collapse. I hope that helps! If it doesn't make sense, let me know and I can PM you pictures. I know the directions that came with it absolutely stink. Once you get it all figured out, it is worth it - I absolutely love our stroller!

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