Babies: 3 - 6 Months

those doing fruits/veggies and oatmeal/rice...

at what time of the day are you giving lo fruits/veggies and what time are you doing oatmeal/rice and how much oatmeal/rice are you fedding???

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Re: those doing fruits/veggies and oatmeal/rice...

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    Here is our schedule...

    Wake Up- 5 oz Bottle

    9:00- 1/4 Cup Oatmeal and Half a container of fruit (we use gerber stage 1 foods)

    11:00- 5 oz bottle

    12:30- 1/4 cup oatmeal and half a container of veggies

    3:00 - 5 oz bottle

    4:00 1/4 oatmeal and half a container of fruit

    7:00 5 oz bottle and half a container of veggies

    9:30 - 5 oz bottle

    We do not hold her to a strict schedule she has pretty much made this schedule for herself and since she in the routine we stick to it but give or take an hour on each feeding. We started out with just one meal of solids a day in the morning, the added an afternoon snack and gradually came to this. She loves to eat solids she even holds the spoon and brings it to her mouth :) Good luck!  

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    We've only done bananas so far and every time I've given it to her 'I've mixed the oatmeal in.  I try to do it twice a day, just whenever convenient so no real schedule.  I mix a little more than 1T oatmeal with 2oz bananas and enough water to thin it to where she likes it.
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    I've only been giving one meal a day so far. I'll introduce one more a month or so until she's at the three meals and two snacks norm for nine months. I've been giving it to her between 5 and 6 in between nursing sessions. I feed her about a tablespoon of fruit or veggies or about 2 tablespoons of barley cereal.
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    When we first started at 4 months, we did a Tablespoon of oatmeal once per day, then slowly increased from there to maybe 2 T, 2x per day. Then we introduced fruit/veggies one at a time with the oatmeal, again, maybe a T, then 2. 

    Now, our schedule is approximately this...

    Bottle, 6oz @ 7 am, with 2 T oatmeal and 1-2 T fruit. Bottle, 6 oz @ 11 am. Fruit or veggie at 1ish. 2 T.

    Bottle between 2-3, again, 6 oz. around 5:30/6, we do 2 T veggies, 1-2 T fruit, and some mum mums, plus 2-3 oz.  at 7:30, 8 oz.  and she STTN. 

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    Our schedule:

    Wake up-6 oz bottle

    1 hour later-Fruit mixed with cereal (half a jar and mixed until the right consistency.) 

    Bottle-4 oz

    Bottle-6 oz

    Snack-Usually applesauce or some other food he really loves.

    Bottle-4 oz

    Dinner-Veggies and cereal (mixed until the right consistency & usually a whole jar.) 

    Bedtime-4 oz

    11 pm feeding-6 oz

    Depending on his mood and activity level will determine how much he actually will eat/drink. 

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    I give either cereal or pureed fruit, at his second feeding in the morning, which varies but is usually around 11:00.

    Then around dinner time (between 5-7) I give him vegetables.

    He eats about 2oz of baby food at each feeding

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