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Not how i expected to spend my Friday.... (long)

Yesterday i woke up at 4.30 am with wave like pain in my pubic bone/groin area.. i couldn't go back to sleep, because it was so uncomfortable. So after moving to the couch i got very severe pain in my left side/back. I ended up having to crawl to get my bf up while in tears because of the pain. 

At 6 am i got checked  in to emerge, the pain caused me to get sick a few times. They did an ultrasound to check and make sure baby was okay. Which it was, flailing around, looking perfect (first time seeing baby, bf was super excited even though our A/S is on the 3rd). When i finally got a room they tried giving me t3's for the pain. which i ended up throwing up shortly after. I had very low blood pressure, and was struggling not to pass out. They gave me 2L of fluid through IV, and morphine and gravol several times. Even with the morphine i was in a lot of pain. I couldnt even keep crackers down. They did blood and urine tests to make sure i had no infections, there was trace amounts of blood in the urine so the Doctors suspected Kidney Stones.. 

They did another ultrasound to check the kidneys, they didnt show much but i had every other symptom so they are thinking they are just tiny stones. 

 I was admitted to the hospital at 4, but i was stuck in emerge until 8:30. What a long day. All i was able to keep down was half a muffin, and a sandwich. So i am now at home with some T3's for the pain, but im feeling better. My amazing boyfriend stayed with me the whole time, he had been up for over 30 hrs and didnt even want to leave me when i sent him home for some sleep. 

I must say though i had fantastic doctors and nurses the entire time i was in the hospital, something ive rarely experienced. 

I thought that having to pee in a cup every time i see my doctor was annoying. Well i now have to strain my urine every time i go for the next 3 days. UGH lol  


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Re: Not how i expected to spend my Friday.... (long)

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    So NOT fun :( I had a similar experience and I wouldnt wish it on my worst enemy I hope you pass it quickly and feel better soon!

    No i wouldn't either, i've never been in so much pain. Thank you i'm feeling a bit better, however i have barely been awake since i got home, and im ready to go back to sleep. lol 

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    I'm so sorry. I had a kidney stone with ds and the pain was terrible. I hope you feel much better soon. 
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