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Niece Calls me out on Food...

I had my sisters 3 kids last night.  We went to the grocery store after I picked them up from day care.  We are going through the store and I grab a pint of vanilla ice cream (to go on top of the brownies I bought) and my 8 year old niece looks up at me and says, "Can't you wait until after the baby comes out to eat that stuff?"  Oops! My quick reply, "It has a lot of calcium, the baby needs calcium." 

Leave it to my 8 year old niece to be the first to mention something about the food I eat.  

Re: Niece Calls me out on Food...

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    LOL gotta love kids! My 5 year old told me "really mom the baby is going to be huge if you keep eating all my easter candy!" LOL Kids say what they want how they want!!
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    So funny! Nice save with the calcium... hopefully her mom won't be calling you up complaining b/c your niece is demanding ice cream to up her calcium intake :P

    My mom was shopping for a dress for my wedding with one of her close friends and the friend's granddaughter who must have also been around 8. My mom came out in one dress and the little girl asked really sassily, "Can you BREATHE???" Kids are so funny!  

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    Lol, my 3 year old said to me while I was folding laundry yesterday "mommy, are those your big underwear?"  I heard my husband laughing in the other room!
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