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crying so easily today : / (vent)

Dh and I went out to dinner tonight to celebrate our 10 year dating anniversary that is this coming up on Tuesday.  I decided that I wanted to look sexy tonight which I think I accomplished, but it was so uncomfortable! I decided to wear a low cut, but classy shirt, dark wash straight leg jeans (not maternity, but with a hair tie and belly band) and my favoite black stilletto heels which I have not worn since New Years Eve (pre-preg).  Dinner went by so fast for some reason, we literally were in and out of there within 40 minutes and we even had an appetizer (it took me longer than that to get my damn outfit all together and on).  It was very good, just super fast. I guess its because we used to sit for awhile and have a few cocktails ya know?

When we left and got in the car I just found myself in tears.  All I kept thinking was why in the heck did I go through all of that to get ready to already be in the car on the way home.  Now don't get me wrong, there was nothing else I wanted to do after dinner, it was just so fast and didn't seem worth all the trouble of getting all dolled up.  I felt bad for Dh because he didn't do anything wrong, but he felt bad that I was sad. 

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