Has anyone else ever come across this?

I was googling info for National Adoption Awareness Month and I can across some of the harshest criticism about adoption!  They made it out like adoption agencies brainwash birth mothers into giving up their babies and awareness month is just some ploy to bring in money to steal more babies.  I had to pick my jaw up off the floor.  Has anyone else come across this in any of their adoption research?
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Re: Has anyone else ever come across this?

  • There was a post not long ago about some of the nasty negative stuff about adoption that's out there. It's sad, really.
  • Yes, you will come across that as you do research.   

     As with anything, you will see all different views as different people have different experiences with adoption.  

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  • I've seen some of that before.  I just try to ignore it and realize these people don't know anything about adoption.  It's sad that people still think like this.
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  • Yep.  This is not unusual.  Just ignore them, obviously they have had bad experiences.  Most birthmothers contact the agencies themselves.  I have never experienced any aggressive tactics for brainwashing birthmoms.  People need to be better informed.

  •    I was adopted as an infant and met my natural mother 5 years ago. While I was searching for her (it was a closed adoption) I came across a lot of anti-adoption websites. Sadly there is some truth to what they have to say. My adoptive parents and my natural mother compared stories about what they had been told by the adoption agency. They agency lied about a few things.

        I had my first child when I was 18 and in highschool. There was a teen mom support group and an adoption agency came to talk to us. They did try to pressure us into giving our babies up.

      It wouln't hurt you to read some of what anti-adoption people have to say. a lot of it is written by people who were adopted and while they may just sound bitter or like they had a really bad experience they have gone through some of the issues your child may one day deal with. Knowing about some of the negative things about adoption will help you to become a more understanding parent.

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  • Yes, seen it too.
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