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Ho many strollers to I need?

I registered for the City Mini Jogger with Carseat attachment and the Chicco Key Fit Caddy.

Do I need an umbrella stoller? Im thinking of keeping the City Mini in my car and Key Fit Caddy in DH.  When LO gets older I think I can just use the City Mini as an everyday.

Mom thinks I should register for an inexpensive lighweight umbrella.  STM's?

Re: Ho many strollers to I need?

  • Manx4Manx4 member

    I don't have an umbrella stroller yet, I think it might come in more handy when DS is older - 3/4/5 and I need him to stay in the stroller.  Right now I can see him attempting to tuck & roll out of it.  haha.  The "bulkier" ones keep him enclosed better and I can attached toys to it so he's occupied. 

    I figure they're cheap enough that when and if I ever need one, I can go out & buy it then.

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  • umbrella strollers are so cheap, I wouldn't register for one.

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  • I would hold off on an umbrella. You won't really want to use that until they're older as most have very little storage room. You may have another before you even get to that point and instead want a double or sit and stand. We have an umbrella from my SS, but for DD (will be 2.5 when LO comes) we're moving straight from the travel system to the sit and stand.
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  • I wouldnt bother registering for an umbrella stroller.  Like PPs have said they are cheap and you can get one down the road if you want one

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  • I have an umbrella for dd who is almost 2 and a regular stroller.i just registered for a safety 1st double stroller this week.IMO you only need ur big stroller when they're lite and an umbrella stroller for after one when they need to be contained at the mall or quick walks.
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  • hmp1hmp1 member
    I have one stroller and love it. The only reason I'm considering a second stroller now is to get a double too.

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  • I am considering the City Select for this very reason.

    It's convertable, can hold an infant carrier, and were hoping to have second child after the first, and this stroller will accomodate that.  However, it is pricy.

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  • I just bought an umbrella for my son. We have a city mini and I still use that more. I kind of wish I didn't buy the umbrella at all. It's up to you. If you want to register for it but the city mini is awesome and I like it better than the umbrella. You can always get one later like I did,but you will  have to pay for it yourself.
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  • I'd hold off on the umbrella, like PP said they are cheap so it you find you want one you can pick it up yourself. 

    We have 2 strollers, a jogger & smaller compact stroller.  The small one stays in the car for when I'm running around, I hardly use it.  I use the jogger daily for walks around the neighborhood.




  • Because I like repeating...ha ha ha...

    We've never had an umbrella; we've used our same stroller for 18 months. I just bought a double on Craigslist earlier this week and we'll move her to that when the baby comes.

    PS - My parents bought an umbrella for us to use at their house. It's awful! You have to bend down to push it (lower handles), it turns shakily, and she could easily squirm out of it.

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  • I love my umbrella stroller. I've used it almost exclusively since DS could hold his head up and sit well enough (he was about 4mo). Ours has a little basket underneath to hold the diaper bag and other stuff. I use it all the time at the mall, the dr. office, when we travel, for walks... its the best purchase I made.  Also, its great now that I'm pregnant again, because its super lightweight. Of course, once baby2 gets here, I guess I'll need a double stroller.
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  • I actually had 3 from my first dd.   a snap and go, mclaren umbrella and and baby jogger city select.  The baby jogger is by far my favorite but its kinda huge.  So if I'm going somewhere tht doesn't have Lot of space like the dr office I use the mclaren.  I used the snap and go until dd was around 6 months.  I was happy to have all three although if I had to pay for them I may have made different choices based on cost.  I'm very happy I have what what I do though.  

  • So far we've managed with just our one Graco travel system stroller for DS.

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