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Sex positions when the bump is bigger?

Already sex is getting to be uncomfortable.  Even with creative pillow propping, the angles just feel all wrong. :(  Any suggestions?  Neither of us like doggie that much, and getting on top is more of a chore.
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Re: Sex positions when the bump is bigger?

  • Doggie with a couple pillows under the bump and chest. 
  • Have you tried a chair?
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  • Manx4Manx4 member
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  • OY i feel your pain! On top is my preference, but thats is starting to get uncomfortable. We did standing up but my poor DH hurt his back doing it! (dude is only 29 too) boy did that make me feel like a slender reed of a girl. GRRR. Honestly dont have the energy for it, but want to make sure DH is happy so i guess we will find a way! Doggie seem like the only option...

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  • imageManx4:

    Ditto. See: hot pregnant sex scene in "Munich". Anyone...? 

  • I like reverse cowgirl, but I'll take doggy. Last night we did it missionary on the side of the bed and it was still great Stick out tongue
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  • Doggie with pillows was my answer the first time, but OW! I'm having to just deal with the uncomfortableness of him being on top for a while til we figure out something else that works well. Doggie now feels like he is made of sandpaper. WTF?
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  • Gotta get creative that's for sure. Last pregnancy it took us quite a few tries, but we finally figured something out that worked awesome and was the easiest way we've ever found to have a "mutual climax." In fact, it's still our favorite position when I'm not pregnant. It's the fallback if something isn't feeling great, always gets good results. Definitely keep tweaking it until you find something that works.

    I can try to explain it but it looks like a total trainwreck. LOL Basically I'm on my back with a pillow under my head and he's on his side and we make an "X" on the bed by meeting in the middle. And he has easy access with his hands too. Good stuff. 

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