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I promise I'm not dumb, just a little confused....

Ok, so this may be a little gross, but I really need an opinion or 2. So, I had a normal morning at home, went to the gym, got ready, (peeing several times already-normal). I get to work, and I REALLY have to pee again (BIG surprise) so I run into the bathroom, and see in the toilet that there was a used tampon in the toilet --not flushed!! Eww, gross, right? So I flush it, and I gotta go so bad, I don't wait for it to fully flush before I decide to pee, so I do my business, and the tp looks normal (I don't know why I always have to check the tp) but I get up to flush, and the water is like an orangy/red color --- I'm thinking from the tampon. But then I start worrying, what if it was from ME!? So I sit down and pee again, because I'm just that capeable of doing so... and then that time, everything looked normal.

Do you think that the discolor was left over from the nasty person before me?

Sorry this is so odd, I promise I'm not dumb, just paranoid FTM.



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Re: I promise I'm not dumb, just a little confused....

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