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XP: Baby Takes Forever to Latch and Suck

Has this happened to anyone else?

 My son will be 2 weeks old on Friday.  Once he starts feeding, he feeds great, it's just getting him to start sucking.  I spend 15-20 minutes at the beginning of each feed just getting him to latch and suck.  He will latch perfectly over and over, but then he will either pull away or just sit there and not suck.  Then, for seemingly no reason, he will decide to latch and drink.  Once he does that, he's fine for the rest of the session (we switch breasts fine, no problems latching or sucking the 2nd time).

I have tried expressing some milk beforehand to get it flowing, but it didn't help.  I don't think it's a strong letdown, as my milk doesn't spray out or anything when he comes off.

Anyone deal with this?  I'm hoping it will get better with time, but it's so frustrating, especially the night feedings!

Re: XP: Baby Takes Forever to Latch and Suck

  • I could have written this post! I'm in the exact same situation. perfect eater when she's latched but its a battle to get to that point. I took her to the chiro yesterday (they are super gentle) because I'm wondering if her neck is bothering her due to forceps at birth...he fixed a couple things and said her neck was really tight but he said the adjustment would hopefully help within a few days. The first nursing session right after that she nursed and latched perfectly! since then some trouble but getting easier. Hoping this will be the solution...wondering if I don't hold her right out something but I try lots of diff positions and move her till she seems confortable.
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  • We are a having this issue too, but not all the time. Sometimes ds  latches on the first time and sometimes it can take 5 to 10 minutes. Yesterday was the only time I could figure out the problem (the breast I was trying to feed him from was to full), but I know that isn't always the problem. Whenever we have this problem, I just  switch holds until he latches on. I still plan on contacting the lactation consultant  soon for some suggestions. 

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